The Crystal Bed: Healing through Crystal Vibration

Natal’lie is a healer, she helps to free herself from the emotional imprints of the body linked to trans-generational weight and experience. Emotional burdens lower our vibrations, enter our nervous system leading to psychological or physical dysfunctions. With the help of her personal experience and the crystal bed, a unique device combining the power of crystals, chromotherapy and the golden ratio like a true alchemist, she helps you transmute your lead into gold.

The crystal bed is the name given to a new generation care device. Developed by a great Brazilian healer, John of God (Joao de Deus), this bed simply consists of a row of seven crystals aligned to be placed above the chakras of the person who lies below. The crystals are small in size, embedded in a wooden structure. No more complicated than that, but that’s how the magic happens.

Lithotherapy, chromotherapy and “Divine proportion”

For those who know a little lithotherapy, rock crystals are known to clarify and purify subtle energies and revive the vibrational circulation of the energy centers that we have within us, the chakras. To increase the action of the crystals on the energy centers, small light diodes have been placed behind each crystal so that it radiates light. At each crystal, depending on its place above this or that chakra, the crystal spreads the color of the chakra. Thus, above the top of the head, it is a violet light which comes out of the crystal then, indigo at the level of the third eye, blue for the throat, green for the heart, yellow for the solar plexus, orange for the belly and red for the root chakra. All the colors of the rainbow of rebalancing chromotherapy (color therapy) are used.

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To ensure a better diffusion of healing, refocusing and evolution energies, each crystal has been cut into a point according to the golden ratio. This geometric proportion is called the “Divine proportion”. The builders of Greek temples or Egyptian pyramids, Renaissance painters like Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo used this numerical value to give “perfect harmony” to their works. We find this mathematical relationship in the ordering of the galaxies, in the growth of the spirals of snail shells, scallop shells or in the location of the grains of Sunflower flowers. Even nature seems to use this proportion to support the order of the world.

Lying down, relaxed, the energy acts

The person receiving treatment on a crystal bed is positioned on their back, they simply remove their shoes and glasses if they have them. A blindfold so as not to be distracted by the outside and to facilitate attention to inner energies, headphones are added to the ears broadcasting relaxing music for 20, 40 or 60 minutes depending on the time necessary for the energy rebalancing operates.

The patient just has to relax, let the treatment take place, or even fall asleep if the need arises. The light and the crystals put the person back in his energy axis and thus harmonize the mental, emotional and physical state.

Benefits of the crystal bed

The crystal bed performs a real reharmonization, stage by stage.

The 1st energy center (1st chakra) located at the level of the perineum, is the place of anti-fatigue, the anti-stress of the organism, the solidity of those who have their feet on the ground, it is the link to the mother and the place of development of individuality.

The 2nd energy center (2nd chakra) located at the level of the lower abdomen, is the place of the internal genital organs but also of the mastery of intuition, sexuality, fertility and creativity.

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The 3rd energy center (3rd chakra) located at the level of the solar plexus, is the place of the expressed and unexpressed emotional and of the balance of the metabolism.

The 4th energy center (4th chakra) located at the level of the heart, concerns the totality of the being. It is the doorway to alchemical transmutation. It is the place of integration and harmonization. It is the place where our trans-generational and personal patterns are stored in memory. It is connected to the thymus.

The 5th energy center (5th chakra) located at the level of the throat, concerns communication, mastery of the verb and the 5 senses. I speak, I communicate and I take my place. It is connected to the ENT and bucco-dental sphere.

The 6th energy center (6th chakra) located at the level of the forehead (3rd eye), concerns the mastery of the mind, reasoning, construction. It is connected to the cortex and the pituitary.

The 7th energy center (7th chakra) located at the top of the skull concerns the link to the father, the masculine, authority but also the energy of spiritual reception.

When the 7 energy centers are rebalanced, the possibility is then offered to everyone to live more in harmony with themselves, with others, the environment and to have a clearer vision of their “path of life”, freed from ancestral, cellular and energetic blockages.

For more information :
To contact Natal’lie Chiaruttini
Phone: 0662270117

Website: www.creersavie.com

She is the author of three books published by Lanore:
Addiction from Fear to Love (2011)
Proud To Be A Witch (2012)
The Alchemical Heart (2014)

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