The detox cure that works: why and how to do it

For conventional medicine, detoxification is the process by which an organism gets rid of toxic substances of internal or external origin. This process consists, on the one hand, in the reduction of the pharmacological or toxicological activity of the substance, in general by an enzymatic process and, on the other hand, in the solubilization of the substance, which facilitates its elimination. renal. (Def. Wikipedia)

On the other hand, the “detox”, which is very popular with the public, encompasses a much broader vision. It is the fact of promoting, through hygienic maneuvers, the use of diet or plants, the body’s ability to eliminate its exogenous and endogenous waste (food waste, hormonal and xenobiotic metabolites)

The importance of going “green” after the festive periods

Festive periods are synonymous with hearty meals that follow one another, which inevitably causes an accumulation of waste (endo and exogenous)

The first men knew alternately the abundance of food with the storage of energy in the form of fat) with then periods of shortage (forced diet which would correspond to a forced fast) where they destocked fat, waste and toxins .

· For the modern man, after festive periods it became necessary to respect his physiology to link the periods of feast by a period of diet. The goal is to promote detoxification.

The need to cleanse, eliminate, detoxify to regain or maintain good health

All traditions offer cleansing/detoxification:

– For the Amerindians it is the use of the sweat lodge with the plants.

– In China, people involved in an energy approach cleanse their vital energy (chi) with a technique called nei kung.

– For the Nordic countries, the use of the sauna makes it possible to activate the eliminations via the skin.

As for the father of medicine Hippocrates, he advocated diet and the use of medicinal plants to detoxify and purify the body. This is the famous “deinde purgare”

The origin of the word toxic comes from the Greek toxikon which was the poison with which arrows were once coated.

Our toxins that accumulate in our tissues are like poison arrows.

The cells are bathed in the interstitial liquid which is a place of exchange where the supply of nutrients and the elimination of waste are conveyed.

The more waste there is, the more the tissues and therefore the cells become clogged, the more its functions slow down, but also the less the cell is nourished correctly.

The waste is concentrated in the lymph which is a large network parallel to the blood circulation which circulates from the bottom of the body upwards.

The lymphatic network does not have a pump, it is our movements that activate it. Hence the importance of movement, of physical activity.

In order, the lymph flows into the right and left subclavian vein (at the level of the clavicles), at this level the lymph goes into the bloodstream, then follows an evacuation by the large purification plants ( liver, kidney)

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The importance of exit doors that are emunctories

The first filter is the liver. This filter modifies the structure of toxins and poisons to be able to evacuate them through the bile.

The second is the kidneys which filter the blood, purify it and eliminate it via urine.

As for the skin, it allows elimination by perspiration.

The intestine is used to eliminate food remains as well as waste-laden bile

All liquids are called humours, as demonstrated by Hippocrates and much later Salmanoff, there is a direct link between health and the quality of humours

What are the origins of waste

Normally there are already many of them:

– There are those resulting from cell renewal.

– Food waste. Thus the degradation of useful proteins to obtain the precious amino acids gives urea and uric acid.

– Carbohydrates after digestion make it possible to extract the fuel usable by the cells, glucose, but have lactic acid as waste

– as for the digested lipids then stored in the form of fatty acids gives ketone bodies, some of which are waste.

– hormonal metabolites.

– chemical products from food, especially since it is industrial residues from atmospheric and environmental pollutants

– And finally drug residues.

You see the list is long and our biology was not prepared and programmed to have to eliminate so much waste and poison. So detox cures and maneuvers are self-evident, especially after festive periods!

A parenthesis such as nutritional intake and waste take the same paths, it is essential to clean first before bringing nutritional supplements. This is how a gardener proceeds, he cleans the ground before planting flowers or vegetables!

How to cleanse your body?

– Some waste products cannot be eliminated as they are, because they are insoluble in water, but the body works in an aqueous medium.

– The goal is to help the liver, the general of the armies as the TCM calls it, to do its job of hepatic detox

-During phase 1 which is the biotransformation of toxins, it is necessary for the liver to have trace elements and minerals (Mg, Zn, Mn, Cu, Cr, etc.) as well as group B vitamins as well as protective antioxidants .

– During phase 2, which schematically corresponds to the packaging of biotransformed waste and poisons, the supply of sulfur foods brings the ingredients to make, for example, the sulfo conjugation.

– Other wastes are water-soluble so the exit doors must work well (opening of the renal emunctories and pores of the skin)

How to promote detox with food?

First of all, you have to remember to stay hydrated. Water is used to dilute water-soluble waste and promotes its elimination. The rule is to drink before feeling thirsty, about 1L5 of pure water on an empty stomach.

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Food is the first source of fouling, but it is also the easiest way to act.

Minimize the consumption of animal fats that clog the lymph and arteries

Avoid and flee highly processed foods (TUE) as much as possible, they are the ones that contain the most chemical ingredients such as additives, endocrine disruptors…

On the food side, the objective is to promote draining foods, those with a high micronutrient density and to reduce the consumption of clogging foods.

The fundamental micronutrients to allow a good detox

Here are the main ones:

Vitamin B1 is used for the elimination of alcohol. The main sources are: brown rice, brown bread and fish.

The B15 which allows the liver to carry out a better elimination of fats, also present in brown rice and brown bread.

Vitamin C one of the most beautiful antioxidants

Vitamin E for its protective role in cell membranes, present in virgin oils.

Potassium plays a major role, as it optimizes renal elimination regulated by the Na/K balance. So the more potassium we consume through food, with its diuretic effect, the better the kidneys work. Food intake of K is not likely to lead to overdose, unlike pharmaceutical products that are more delicate to handle. Its best natural source remains fresh fruits and vegetables.

Selenium protects against the toxic effects of heavy metals, present for example in tobacco and alcohol. It is found in whole grains, garlic and onion.

Do not forget to bring qualitative proteins to have methionine a good chelator of lead, mercury and fulfilling the role of antioxidant.

Tyrosine, another amino acid is useful for the elimination of toxins.

Fish are an excellent source of these amino acids.

The good fats from virgin oils, oilseeds and fatty fish are not to be spared, even during a detox period.

Does stress have an impact on clogging up the body?

Yes, because stress increases the production of molecules to be eliminated (catabolites), the production of clogging free radicals and it often leads to a high consumption of stimulants such as coffee, tobacco and alcohol.

It clogs and reduces the effectiveness of the emunctories while lowering the vital energy.

What diets to offer for detox at the start of the year

First, eat less to release interstitial tissue sloughs.

The practice of sequential fasting with a 16-hour break between the last meal and the next day, 3 to 5 days a week is a good strategy.

Otherwise it is possible to limit yourself to 2 meals a day if you are overweight with a minimum break of 12 hours between the evening and the next day. Another strategy is to increase fiber-rich foods for their satiety effect and animal fat scavengers.

Finally, another proposal would be to practice 24 hours of monodiet once a week over a month. This means eating only one plant food (vegetables like carrots) or a non-acidic fruit (like apples) on one day a week.

The consumption of aromatic plants such as parsley or coriander is to be favored in a detox phase.

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Do not forget to favor cooking at low temperature (steam or oven below 110°C) for the protection of nutrients.

On the side of Infusions

  • Rosemary, mint they drain the liver
  • Cherry stalks help the work of the kidneys. They are good diuretics.
  • Elderberry and sarsaparilla are used for their sudorific properties
  • Mallow, marshmallow promote good intestinal transit
  • Thyme, eucalyptus are useful for pulmonary elimination
  • Phytotherapy
  • Fluid extracts or capsules

· Liver/BV

Artichoke + Black radish for their actions on hepatic detox in addition to being good cholagogues and choleretics.

Milk thistle is a good hepatoprotector and cholagogue.

· Kidneys

Meadowsweet and Hawkweed are excellent diuretics

· General drainer

Carqueja (Baccharis) plant in tropical and subtropical America (Brazilian) acts on the liver by promoting its detoxification, on the gallbladder, on the stomach, the intestines and even on blood sugar.

In addition, it helps lower blood sugar and blood pressure.


· lemon essence

The matrix of the gallbladder, it decongests the liver, thins the bile and allows better assimilation and elimination of fat

The dosage would be one to two drops in a spoon of olive oil, morning and evening for three weeks.

HE Rosemary with hepatic detox verbenone, drains the liver. It is perfect for liver fatigue

The dosage would be one to two drops in a spoonful of olive oil, morning and evening for three weeks.

HE Lovage

Liver drainer, it accelerates detox

In addition it lies on pancreas and kidney

He is the great drainer, “the garbage man” par excellence.

EO carrot

Perfect for draining excess cholesterol

Detox formula

HE Rosemary ct verbenone 30 drops (1ml)

HE Lovage 30 drops (1ml)

HE Carrot 30 drops (1ml)

Ess. lemon 30 drops (1 ml)

+/ — HE Peppermint 30 drops (1 ml)

HV olive 5ml

5 drops of the mixture morning and evening before meals 3 weeks

In spring

Consider practicing a water fast

Author :

AlAin Huot is a naturopathic graduate. He completed his training at the European College of Traditional Holistic Naturopathy (Cenatho) founded and directed by Daniel Kieffer. This course opened the doors to the various fields of natural medicine. Thus, he trained in aromatherapy, energy medicine, sophrology, psycho-emotional therapy and then in nutritional and functional medicine.

He is the author of the book “Fasting, a Royal Path for the health of body and mind”. Ed Dangles.

Find Alain on his website:

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