The detox diet

We have seen, in the presentation page, that certain habits are essential to allow our body to rid us of dangerous toxins, which are mainly stored in fat. The first thing to do is therefore to eliminate excess fat which, as we will see, has several locations. Weight loss is indeed the first strategy to adopt to carry out a detox diet.

Certain habits are also good to adopt to protect the organ in the front line from external aggressions, our intestines.

Where are the toxins hiding?

When habits remain bad, when food choices could be better, another organ gorges on fat and sees its functioning decrease: Your liver. And an accumulation of fat within its structure, ultra organized, leads to a decrease in one of its major functions, detoxification.

It is on this premise that detox programs are based. By offering you food supplements supposed to improve the functions of your liver, you are promised better health. The truth is that many of these dietary supplements are indeed great, provided you have already done the necessary on the other side. To have taken the problem at its source.

Strong barriers

Healthy intestines are therefore a priority for anyone wishing to detoxify their body. But the intestine is not limited to a mucous membrane. It also consists of an arsenal of bacteria, all willing to help you live. Without this arsenal, you wouldn’t live more than a day. It is therefore essential to bring the right foods for at once, protect the lining of your intestine and protect your flora. We will also see that a certain category of nutrients is essential for trapping toxins. We speak of a “chelating” role.

The basics of the detox diet

Fibers, your friends!

Consume fiber every day to take advantage of its role as a chelator (scavenger) of toxins and waste from your body. A diet devoid of fiber is toxic. Be careful, however, to consume fibers that you tolerate enough not to cause digestive disorders. A daily consumption of fruits and vegetables provides your body with fibre, vitamins, minerals and plenty of water: the basic tools for a good detox!

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Pre/probiotics, the friends of your flora

Some foods are rich in fiber which can feed your flora (prebiotic effect), so it is interesting to eat them (artichoke, garlic, chicory, salsify, Jerusalem artichoke, leek, onion, banana, etc.).

Other foods contain bacteria (probiotic effect) interesting for the health of your intestinal flora (fermented products, kefir, yogurt, cheese, brewer’s yeast, sourdough bread…).

Quality fats and good amounts of protein

An overconsumption of saturated fats, associated with an important contribution of collagen (protein difficult to digest), leads to a laborious assimilationtiring your intestines and giving rise to unpleasant digestive disorders, signs of poor digestive health (flatulence, bloating, fatty stools, etc.).


Drink waterit’s well known, helps you eliminate toxins. Alcoholic beverages are to be avoided most often, as they have a direct impact on liver health.

lemon juice

A healthy lifestyle

The “express” detox

Have you been partying all weekend or have the end-of-year meals left you flat? Opt in this case for an “express detox” in order to eliminate as much waste as possible in the shortest possible time.

For 3 consecutive days, follow this protocol:

– Drink the juice of half a squeezed lemon mixed with lukewarm water as soon as you get up
– Eat a salad made with the following ingredients twice a day (lunch and dinner): black radish, artichoke, fresh spinach, red cabbage, kale and apple. Season with cider vinegar and a level tablespoon of olive oil. Do not salt. Adapt the quantity of ingredients according to your build and your appetite.
– Drink at least 2 liters of green tea (hot or cold)
– Consume a dietary supplement for liver detoxification at both meals (the recommended daily dose at each meal)

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After these 3 days, resume a normal and balanced diet. Above all, do not succumb to the temptation to eat sweets, pastries or fast food!

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