The “diamond” pumps would be the most effective

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Push-ups are probably the first exercise you do when you decide to strengthen your physique. People who train at home can progress by doing just this simple exercise.

More muscle recruitment

A study was precisely interested in the subject: that of the physiotherapists of the Mayo Clinic. The research results showed that theyou recruit more muscle fibers if you place your hands very close togetherforming a diamond by gluing the thumbs and other fingers.

Study subjects placed their hands on the ground in 3 different positions : shoulder width, wider grip and close grip (diamond).

The researchers observed the results by placing electrodes on each of the 40 participants before they performed the push-ups. The electrodes were placed on the pectorals and triceps to measure the electrical activity of the muscles. The greater the electrical activity, the more intensely the muscle works.

Push-ups with a very wide grip are the ones that have had the least good results, push-ups in close grip (diamond) the best.

It’s common to hear that close-grip push-ups recruit the triceps better. It is absolutely true, but not only! They also recruit the pectorals better!

J Strength Cond Res. 2005 Aug; 19(3): 628-33.

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