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Do you know argan oil or argan oil? It is a vegetable oil produced from the fruits of the argan tree or arganon (Argania spinosa). A tree native to Morocco (in the Souss-Massa region). In fact, this oil comes particularly from the selected (unroasted) fruit of this shrub which belongs to the Sapotaceae family. Its properties give it many uses in cosmetics, food, and medicine.

Argan oil refers to a fluid oily liquid of yellow color with a fairly sweet fragrance. Some vegetable (virgin) argan oils can give off a strong, unpleasant and almost faecal odor.

All about the composition of argan vegetable oil

100% pure, virgin and natural, argan vegetable oil is extracted at the first cold pressing (without any chemical treatment). piled up with vitamin A and tocopherol, this oil has restructuring, anti-cholesterolemic, nourishing and regenerating actions. Also rich in unsaponifiables, triacylglycerides, sterols, triterpene alcohols and natural antioxidants. The carotenoids and xanthophylls contained in argan oil promote its photoprotective action.

Argan vegetable oil: fatty acid composition

To understand the fatty acid composition of argan vegetable oil, we will see its gas phase chromatography (from batch 20HV0237):

  • (PUFA or AGE) Polyunsaturated essential fatty acids or vitamin F, linoleic acid (omega 6, 31.58%).
  • (MUFA) Monounsaturated fatty acids, oleic acid 48.83%.
  • (SFA) Saturated fatty acids, palmitic acid 13.42%, stearic acid 5.75%.

And its gas phase chromatography of batch 20HV0041:

  • PUFA, AGE or vitamin F: linoleic acid (31.51%)
  • MUFA: oleic acid 49.25%
  • SFA: stearic acid (5.62%), palmitic acid (13.35%)
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How to use argan oil

For good use vegetable argan oilhere are three homemade beauty recipe ideas:

  • Anti-aging serum to revitalize the skin (mixture of 30 ml of argan HV and 10 of rose HE).
  • Hair mask for healthy hair. 2 tablespoons of argan oil and 5 tablespoons of rhassoul mixed with orange blossom hydrosol.
  • Minute mask for a radiant face. White clay, rose water, 2 drops of rose essential oil and 2 tablespoons of argan oil.

Argan vegetable oil in cosmetics

Its cosmetic properties are defined by its softening, nourishing, protective, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal and softening effects. Argan oil restores radiance and suppleness to your undernourished or dry skin. She has it also protects against premature aging. It improves microcirculation and protects the skin against the action of UV rays. Argan HV promotes the reconstruction of the lipid film.

Argan vegetable oil and its main benefits

Optimize the return to nature with argan oil. We will note its 5 main benefits. In fact, theargan vegetable oil :

  • can replace your day cream,
  • is healing,
  • fights acne effectively,
  • protects the hair and nourishes it,
  • prevents and cures cardiovascular diseases.


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