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Bach flowers can be used to cure, treat or fight against certain health problems. These are floral elixirs made using 38 flower essences. Designed by Edward Bach, who gave them his name, these flowers have positive effects on health.

The fight against mood swings

The Bach flowers are known for their benefits on mood swings. They will calm impulsive reactions and help to rediscover the sense of reality. You can consume 4 times a day these elixirs mixed with mustard, white horse chestnut and chestnut. It is possible to dilute the mixture in water or another drink if you do not like the pure mixture.

The fight against overwork

On a daily basis, we can face constant and high pressures. This can lead to overwork or burn-out, that is to say professional exhaustion. Adverse effects will eventually appear on health and personal life. The natural solution is all the Bach flowers. These help to overcome negative mindsets. You then need an elixir composed of agrimony, orne, hornbeam and olive.

Reduction of anxiety attacks

To reduce anxiety attacks, you have the elixir composed of aspen, prunus, red chestnut and rockrose. Mixed, these flowers are to be consumed 4 times a day pure or diluted. Thus, they will help overcome fears and reduce stress. The use of Bach flowers should be supplemented with psychotherapy.

Smoking cessation

Quitting smoking is possible with Bach flowers. If usually, stopping puts you in a state out of control, Bach flowers help you stay calm. They help to relax in difficult times and to persevere. The preparation of Bach flowers is done by mixing a few drops of elixir of rock water, awl, chestnut bud and impatience.

The gain of sociability

Many suffer from social phobias. If you are not sociable, you must consuming Bach flowers. The latter play a role in establishing contacts more easily with those around you. They reduce panic in the face of new things. To be consumed 4 times a day, take the elixir of wild apple, mimulus, walnut and water violet.

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Stimulation of concentration

In case of loss of concentration or difficulty concentrating, these flowers are your ally. Medication treatments are not enough and can even cause adverse effects on the body. Bach flowers, natural, help to be less distracted and increase the level of concentration. The Bach flowers here consist of white horse chestnut, clematis and wild oats.

sleep therapy

Bach flowers are effective for fall asleep quickly and easily. In addition, they help to have quality sleep at night. You have to mix the elixir of white chestnut, Scots pine and wild oats to have Bach flowers for sleep.


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