The Do In, what is the basic principle of this therapy?

The different styles of massage that can be accessed today all aim to improve the health of the body. We will discover in this article a whole new method of massage. The Do In, the way of energy or the way with oneself is defined as a theory of self-massage. A technique of digitopuncture or acupressure (acupressure) which is carried out on the acupuncture points placed on the energy meridians. It can be practiced by everyone (children, adults and the elderly) and in any place. Furthermore, it does not replace medical treatment.

Care with Do In: characteristics, history and origin

The practice of Do In finds its place for a long time in the traditional chinese medicine. However, it was already from the 7th century that the Japanese began to use it. Until today and on a daily basis, Buddhists still practice Do In. 3000 years BC, the oldest book of Chinese medicine invoked this term for the first time. The title of the book is: “Internal Classic of the Yellow Emperor”. It’s a form ofhigh-performance self-massage and effective in self-care.

Do In: benefits and all it can bring to the body

Take care of yourself and maintain your health with Do In: a natural treatment without medication. It provides an easy and convenient way to reduce tension, as well as to prevent diseases. It provides and guarantees a beautiful harmony between health, mind and body. In addition, it ensures well-being, good humor and physical comfort on a daily basis. It effectively regulates the poor circulation of vital energy (Yin and Tang) which promotes metabolic dysfunctions. It reduces fatigue, develops mental serenity, tones the face, provides vitality and evacuates stress. Thus, it soothes digestive pain and symptoms related to pregnancy (cramp, headache, heavy leg). It offers a restful night and relieves paininfection or inflammation.

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How to practice the Do In: tips and advice

This self-massage technique is used to Stimulate all parts of the body and enhance psychic ability. Its basic principle is very similar to shiatsu. It is practiced by applying pressure with the fingers (the tip of the middle finger, thumb and index finger). But also, it is done with the fists and the palms of the hands. Depending on your own organization, you can do this yourself while seated in the office or on public transport. It is a massage therapy associated with exercises (stretching, movement or meditation) and postures. Above all, it allows a real body relaxation in just a few minutes and offers a precious moment of relaxation.


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