The energy of plants to get through winter

Winter is the period of dormancy for animal and plant life in our latitudes. It is the season of death, but also of renewal, of the return to life, with the increase in the length of the day and the arrival of the cold winter sun. A few plant elixirs give extra energy to get through this difficult period for the body, and to prepare for the renewal of spring.

The energy of the olive tree for psychic tone

Very few plants are still in leaf, except holly, mistletoe, bluegrass in our lawns and needle plants. The animals are invisible: no more amphibians, no more reptiles, no more insects, and some of their predators go to hibernate, or fall back on the meager field mice they may come across. We ourselves sometimes say, when it’s cold and we don’t want to move as much, that we go into hibernation.

It is useful in this case to preserve all the same our psychic vivacity, by taking two elixirs of flowers useful to preserve the interior fire. The elixir of olive tree is a useful elixir when one has a great physical and mental weariness, especially when one suffers from bad living conditions and one undergoes a certain wear and tear of time. But winter is precisely a season that puts us to the physical test. The olive elixir will therefore allow us to strengthen our psychic tone and avoid this mental wear.

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The slipper of Venus, the elixir of sacred fire

To the elixir of olive tree, we will add that of the sabot of Venus. This elixir is prepared without picking the flower, which is rare and protected. It promotes the opening of one’s inner energy towards others, and therefore promotes the radiance around oneself. But it is also and above all an elixir which preserves our flame of life, our sacred fire, and which allows it to radiate by developing our aura. It will therefore be necessary to take this elixir in the less well tolerated periods of winter, associated with that of the olive tree.

The rosehip, to lift the lid of fatalism

The third elixir that can be taken in this season is rose hips, because it is useful when one tends too much to sink into fatalism, into the idea that one can change nothing, do nothing, that it is the fault of what surrounds us. This fatalism can be heightened in winter, the cold and bad weather then serving as justification for this attitude. By taking rosehip elixir, we empower ourselves to lift the lid and gain some freedom of action.

Spend the winter emotionally warm

During the winter, our psyche is less awake, because of the rest of nature and the lengths of the days which are short. But that doesn’t mean we have to let our inner fire go out. On the contrary, in winter, we must maintain this fire, so that we can take full advantage of the coming spring.

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Alain Tardif

Naturopath, President of the European Academy of Natural Medicines

creator of herbal and mushroom products and author of numerous books

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