The Fat Burning Mechanism

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The Fat Burning Mechanism

For eliminate fatty tissue for’get better muscle definitionor more commonly speaking to “dry”, it is essential to have the right information. Avoiding following certain stereotypes will save you time. Everyone has their own metabolism.. The latter indicates the capacity of our body to use the energy that we bring to it through our food. Thus, a high metabolism allows better use of ingested calories and installed fats for energy purposes (storage is thus avoided).

Rule n°1: Eat more often to lose more weight!

Every time we eat, our metabolism speeds up. This is why it is better to have 4 to 6 light meals a day instead of the usual 2 to 3 larger meals. Indeed, the fractionation of the daily energy intake makes the nutrients more easily usable by the body, which avoids the phenomenon of saturation.

Of course, all the calories are not equal and it will be necessary to privilege mainly the proteinbut also the complex carbohydrates and the unsaturated lipids. A protein powder intake, 2 to 3 times a day, in addition to 2 solid snacks will help you achieve your daily goal.

Besides, protein promotes the development of lean body mass (muscle), which mechanically increases daily caloric expenditure. The more muscular a person is, the more they tend to naturally burn more calories.

One CLA intake is also relevant because it increases energy metabolism by preventing adypocites (fat cells) from storing fat.

Rule n°2: Potentiate muscular effort

Although it is obvious, physical activity (it doesn’t matter which one) elevates metabolism because muscles need energy to function. The bodybuilding is a particularly favorable sports activity because it involves a high use of muscle glycogen.
During intense training, glycogen stores are at their lowest, prompting the body to use its fat stores as a source of energy, in order to create ATP (energy molecule).
In order to potentiate the muscular effort and accentuate the burning of fats, it is quite wise tocombine your training with a fat burner. The latter can also be used by people with little or no physical activity and still wishing to benefit from an acceleration of their metabolism. Indeed, fat burners can overactivate the functioning of mitochondria, cells at the origin of the transformation of fats into energy.

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