The health benefits of lemon essential oil

The lemon tree, from its scientific name Citrus limon, is a tree mainly grown for its fruit: the lemon. Apart from his interests in food, cosmetics and perfumery, he also attracts many therapists with his healing qualities. In addition, in aromatherapy, the virtues of a concentrated essence extracted from its leaves are increasingly exploited.

Its biochemical profile

I’lemon tree essential oil is rich in limonene, which represents 60 to 75% of its components. It also contains citral.

As for its organoleptic characteristics, it is easily recognized thanks to its fresh, sweet and lemony smell.

Main therapeutic indications

Lemon tree essential oil stimulates the functions of the digestive system. By promoting digestion, it helps to fight against certain disorders such as bloating or indigestion. It also improves liver, pancreatic and kidney functions. In doing so, it promotes the purgative functions of the body. It also participates in the evacuation of toxins and theremoval of kidney stones.

In addition, it tends to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation. It participates, among other things, in the decrease in cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. It thus helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease while increasing venous tone.

This oil also develops tonic properties. She allows to effectively combat states of physical fatigue and low energy. At the psychological level, it is useful in case of nervousness and lack of concentration.

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Its other indications in natural medicine are as follows:

  • Weakening of immune defenses
  • Overweight and obesity
  • Nausea and motion sickness
  • Skin conditions: dermatitis and eczema
  • Infections of viral, microbial and bacterial origin
  • Inflammatory diseases: arthritis and tendonitis
  • Hair problems: oily hair and dandruff

Recommendations for use and dosage

Lemon tree essential oil can be taken both internally and externally.

Oral route:

On a piece of sugar, add 2 drops of essential oil of lemon tree. This stimulates digestive functions and helps to fight nausea.

Local route (cutaneous and capillary):

For a massage oil, provide an oily preparation made of 2 drops of essential oil and 8 drops of vegetable oil. In 2 to 3 times a day, gently apply the mixture directly to the affected areas.

For solve hair problemsintegrate 1 drop of essential oil in a small amount of shampoo.

In atmospheric diffusion:

Place 2 to 3 drops in the diffuser. Renew the operation every hour according to your needs.

Precautions for use, contraindications and notorious side effects

I’lemon tree essential oil is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as children under 6 years old, except on the advice of a doctor. In this case, therapeutic use must be done under the close supervision of a therapist.

In addition, the cutaneous application in its pure form causes more or less serious irritations of the skin. In order to avoid them, it is preferable to always dilute it. Exposure to the sun and UV rays should also be avoided after each application.


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