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To lose weight with a good slimming meal in the evening, you have the following different types of slimming meals. The quantity of the meal must be well measured. To make it easier for you, here are some examples of slimming meals. Otherwise, the herbal tea is to be integrated into your slimming meal for the evening.

The type of slimming meal in the evening

the dinner is based on three principles to lose weight properly. It is necessary at first to avoid storage so as not to lead to weight gain. It must also be digestible so as not to disturb sleep. Thus, it is necessary to provide the essential nutrients that promote sleep. This means that the evening meal is lightbut nutritious.

In the evening, you must take:

  • 250g vegetables
  • 125g lean protein
  • 150 g of whole grains
  • 125 g yogurt or equivalent
  • Source of fatty acids
  • 1 fresh seasonal fruit or equivalent

In your evening feeding, certain foods should be avoided. These can make your digestion difficult. This is the case for processed products, red meats and charcuterie, sodas, etc.

The quantity of slimming meals in the evening

The quantity of evening meal is at the center of the debates because the opinions are different. Some dietitians say you should eat a lot while others limit the amount in the evening while there are those who even say you should skip meals. In the evening, it is recommended that you consume at least 30 to 35% of the total daily energy intake. In the evening, it is especially necessary avoid skipping meals. Thus, you will have a good sleep and avoid excess fat storage the next meal.

Examples of meals to favor in the evening

If you have no idea, we present you 2 ideal examples. The first meal consists of taking 250 ml of zucchini soup with coconut milk and curry. Add the mushroom omelette, 120 g brown rice, mango soup with cardamom and slimming herbal tea.

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The second type of slimming meal for the evening is to take the salad of grilled vegetables with walnut oil. You can add fish en papillote with chives and candied lemon. To this are added 120 g of quinoa with small vegetables, natural yoghurt with whole red fruits, slimming herbal tea.

Herbal tea in the slimming meal in the evening

At the evening meal, it is always interesting to have a slimming herbal tea for weight loss. This will help your digestion. It will have the effect of draining the organs and burning fat. To make the herbal tea, put all the ingredients in a saucepan filled with boiling water. This is the case with ginger, fennel seeds, lemon juice, cinnamon. Infused for 10 minutes, honey is added before consumption. The slimming herbal tea should be consumed at the end of the meal, one hour before going to bed.

* Presse Santé strives to transmit medical knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace medical advice.

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