The incredible health benefits of these small nuts

Nuts have extraordinary positive virtues on health, these foods have extremely positive effects in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes or the development of gallstones. With 30g of nuts per day, during the break or during the meal, you can do wonders for your health.

Nuts, including walnuts, are called oilseeds, that is to say they contain a high proportion of fat in the form of oil. The fats contained in these fruits (mono and polyunsaturated) are beneficial for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. These positive effects are all the more important since nuts are also a very good source of several essential vitamins and minerals (vitamin E, manganese), fiber and antioxidant compounds. We have already seen worse as food!

The health benefits of nuts

Far from being dangerous foods to consume in extreme moderation, nuts can on the contrary be foods of great importance for the prevention of chronic diseases. The list of positive effects associated with regular consumption of nuts (30g per serving) speaks for itself:

– significant reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease: studies show an average reduction of almost 40% in the risk of heart disease

heart (5 servings per week). This effect is linear, ie each weekly serving of nuts corresponds to an 8% reduction in mortality linked to these diseases;

– significant reduction (25%) in the risk of type 2 diabetes;

– significant reduction (30%) in the risk of developing gallstones;

– significant reduction (35%) in the risk of endometrial cancer (lining of the uterus) as well as a possible preventive effect on that of the colon.

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Despite the enormous preventive potential of nuts, many people are reluctant to eat them regularly on the pretext that these foods are high in calories and could promote weight gain.

No risk of weight gain, on the contrary

Although this concern is understandable at first glance, several studies indicate that it is unfounded: the consumption of two or more servings of nuts per week for a period of two years does not lead to weight gain. Indeed, despite their high caloric content, nuts create a feeling of satiety which helps to better control appetite and thus avoid unnecessary consumption of calories. An excellent alternative to industrial snacks high in sugar and salt.

One precaution, however, nuts have a common allergenic potential: a person allergic to one of these foods is generally likely to be allergic to other members of this family.


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