The ketogenic diet, a miracle diet?

We often hear about therapeutic diets that have miraculous effects.
What exactly is the ketogenic diet? Does he heal?
Is it recommended? In which cases?

The ketogenic diet is a very strict and rigorously calculated therapeutic diet that is used to trigger another metabolic pathway than the Krebs cycle: ketogenesis (use of ketone bodies for metabolic purposes).

This metabolic pathway becomes significant during periods of prolonged fasting, in the event of diabetes, or in the event of a ketone diet, when the body cannot use glucose to produce the energy (ATP) it needs.

The cetonic corpse are three metabolites — I’acetylacetateβ-D-hydroxybutyrate and acetone, all three produced by the process of ketogenesis in the liver from the breakdown of lipids, and more particularly of fatty acids, when the body no longer has sufficient stores of carbohydrates. It is no longer glucose in particular that provides energy to the various cells, but the bodies.

This diet, used for more than 90 years, has been extensively studied and tested (successfully) in childhood epilepsies. It is now prescribed to many epileptic patients, children and adults alike, including in French hospitals like Necker.

This diet is currently experiencing a resurgence of interest because of its therapeutic potential in other neurological diseases such as
Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral lesions during strokes, but also the diabetes and the Cancer.

Indeed, as cancerous cells essentially and primarily feed (to the detriment of healthy cells)
of sugar, their essential fuel, it would be enough to deprive them of it to make them die.

This idea inspired the use of the ketogenic diet during cancer treatment. It relies on drastically restricting glucose in favor of fats with enough protein.

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It therefore consists of eating a lot of meat, dairy products, fish, eggs, oleaginous seed oils (sesame, sunflower) and oleaginous fruits (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds) and eliminating pasta, apple
of earth, rice, sugar, cakes and biscuits and sweets of all kinds.

Comparative diagram of the difference in composition of different types of power supplies:

The goal is to get our energy from fat via the liver’s production of ketone bodies instead of getting it from
glucose and at the same time weaken cancer cells.
These would become more vulnerable and the efficiency
salaries would be increased.

Which seems logical given their appetite for sugar
and its virtual disappearance from the diet.
Many positive patient testimonials exist.
Following a ketogenic diet during chemotherapy would reduce side effects (hair loss, nausea, etc.) and would make chemotherapy and radiation therapy more effective, as cancer cells are weakened.

In conclusion, although promising and a source of hope, this type
diet cannot and should not be followed over the long term
because the abundance, even the excess of fats has the effect of increasing blood lipids and the alteration of the arteries as well as the appearance of digestive disorders. In addition, the virtual eviction of fruits and vegetables leads to a deficiency of vitamins (including vitamin C only present in fruits and vegetables) and minerals, essential for health. Supplementation with vitamins and minerals is therefore recommended as well as the introduction of a magnesium water of the contex©, hepar© or courmayeur© type in order to avoid constipation (which can be caused by the virtual absence of fruits and vegetables).
Moreover, we can only regret the virtual absence of studies in this field and I therefore advise you not to follow this type
diet only on the favorable advice of your doctor.

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Example of ketogenic menus:

Ketogenic breakfasts:

Coffee, or unsweetened tea
WHERE 30 g of ketogenic bread (preparation for several times: 3 eggs, 75 g of ground almonds or hazelnuts, 25 g of butter,
1 sachet of baking powder) + 15g. butter
WHERE 40g. oilseeds (walnuts, pistachios, almonds)
WHERE 2 eggs

WHERE 1 square of dark chocolate with more than 85% cocoa
WHERE 50 g of red fruits (strawberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, etc.)

Ketogenic snacks:

WHERE 1 drink to be prepared in a blender or mixer in a bowl:
12.5 cl of coconut milk + 50 g of oleaginous fruit (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts) + 1 drop of flavoring of your taste

WHERE 30g. of ketogenic bread with 15g. of butter

WHERE 2 boiled eggs

Ketogenic lunches or dinners:


soup 50 g of vegetables with 25 g of oleaginous fruits,
15 cl coconut milk, spices of your choice
+150g. meat or fish or 2 eggs
+ 1 sugar-free yoghurt or 1 sugar-free cottage cheese or 30g.
of aged cheese of your choice and 30g. fresh fruit


dry sausage (5 slices) or 2 slices of white ham
or 2 slices of Bayonne ham
+ 50g. vegetables of your choice with non-light cream
(2 tablespoons) with spices of your choice
+ 1 sugar-free yoghurt or 1 sugar-free cottage cheese
or 40g. of aged cheese of your choice and 30g. fresh fruit


Fish tartare 50g (1 minced shallot or ½ onion,
1 tbsp. rapeseed oil, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, spices of your choice)
+ 100g. of meat (rapeseed oil) accompanied by 50 g of vegetables of your choice with 15g. butter
+ 1 sugar-free yoghurt or 1 sugar-free cottage cheese or 40g.
of aged cheese of your choice and 30g. fresh fruit

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1 avocado whole or sliced ​​into strips with 1 tablespoon walnut oil and lemon juice OR crushed with 1 tablespoon oil
nuts and spices of your choice
+ 150g. of meat or fish or 2 eggs accompanied by 50g.
pureed or mashed vegetables with 15g. of butter
+ 1 sugar-free yoghurt or 1 sugar-free cottage cheese or 40g.
of aged cheese of your choice and 30g. fresh fruit



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