The Lachesis strain, a remedy indicated in which case?

Let’s discover another exceptional medication that comes from the venom of a snake called Lachesis or Lanchesis mutus. Indeed, it is this kind of snakes that is used to make the homeopathic strain Lachesis. A species of viper that belongs to the “Viperidae” family. This animal has several designations: Master of the bush, diamond rattlesnake, mute rattlesnake and large squares. In adult size, this venomous snake can measure between 260 and 360 cm. After the Royal Cobra and the Black Mamba, it is positioned in 3rd place for large snakes. As soon as he senses a human presence, he moves particularly silently. It can be found in Mexico, South America and Central America. In phytotherapy, the mother tincture is also prepared from the highly neurotoxic venom of this snake.

Lachesis and its main therapeutic assets

The Lachesis homeopathic strain can treat a whole list of diseases and has clotting effects. An effective one-time treatment in case of behavioral or psychological problems related to circulatory problems. It can intervene in case of gynecological disorders and purple hemorrhoids with throbbing pain. Lachesis can cure acne, migraine headache, allergy, asthma, isolation, jealousy, eczema and ear infections. It treats other infections like acne rosacea, migraines, headaches, allergic colds and sinusitis. The homeopathic remedy Lachesis solves the problems related to menopause and dysfunctions of the menstrual cycles. Indeed, it treats pelvic pain, heavy legs, painful swelling of the breasts, nervousness and dizziness. It is also used in situations of acute suppuration and serious infections.

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Dosage, duration of treatment and forms of use

Here are all the forms available in homeopathy: drops, drinkable ampoules, suppositories and triturations. As for the doses and the granules, they should be allowed to melt under the tongue. The duration of the treatment can be spread over a period of one week to 3 months depending on the pathologies to be treated.

For resolve estrous cycle and menopausal disordersyou have two choices:

  • either 7 or 9 CH, 5 granules/day or 1 dose/week,
  • either 15 or 30 CH, 5 granules/d or 1 dose/week,

In case of’hemorrhoid, take 7 or 9 CH, 5 pellets at a frequency of 6 to 8 times a day. For colds, ear infections and sinusitis, provide 9 CH, 5 granules 2 to 6 times a day. To treat behavioral or mood disorders, for 1 month, take 30 CH 5 granules morning and evening. In case of eczema or rosacea, 9 CH at the rate of 5 granules/d for 3 months. To relieve migraines and sunstroke, 7 CH at the rate of 5 granules every 3 hours.


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