The link between health and the homeopathic strain Medorrhinum

Medorrhinum refers to a homeopathic medicine derived from biotherapy. This remedy is made from a lysate of gonorrhagic or gonococcal purulent urethral secretions from patients who have not yet been treated. That is to say, patients who have not yet been treated with anti-infective medications. Used in one of the homeopathic diatheses (which is sycosis), Medorrhinum is very close to Mercurius solubilis. It is above all a field remedy, which is supposed to take care of various chronic disorders.

The benefits of Medorrhinum for physical health

Most often, this homeopathic strain is considered as a basic treatment. It is mainly indicated or prescribed in case of multiple chronic and recurrent infections. In effect, this remedy acts on respiratory problems, ENT disorders, behavioral problems and gynecological dysfunctions. In particular, it puts an end to certain skin problems and mucosal infections such as warts, genital warts, oozing eczema and herpes. It takes care of erythema in babies, molluscum, facial microwarts, genital or oral herpes.

The homeopathic strain Medorrhinum can effectively help you with urethritis, restless behavior, purulent conjunctivitis, fetid greenish leucorrhoea and chronic rheumatism. She takes care of thegenitourinary infection rebellious following intensive antibiotic therapy or asthma following vaccination. It treats the sensations of joint bruising and burning of the hands or feet. It is also the best solution in case of pain in the joints such as painful stiffness of the knees and shoulders.

When can you take the homeopathic medicine Medorrhinum?

This homeopathic remedy Medorrhinum is to be taken away from tobacco, meals and certain foods. Indeed, it must be taken apart from coffee, mint or even tea.

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Here are some indications concerning the use of the homeopathic strain Medorrhinum:

  • Behavioral disorders and depressive states. To solve these problems, take 3 Medorrhinum granules, 9 CH or 18 DH in the evening.
  • To solve the genitourinary infections1 dose (9 to 15 CH), 1 to 4 times/month.
  • childhood asthma often inherited that improve easily when the weather is mild or humid. Take 9 CH or 18 DH, 2 pellets (during the day) and 2 pellets (in the evening) to treat these discomforts.
  • To get ahead of degenerative rheumatism by the sea, take 1 dose (15 or 30 CH). For a frequency of intake of 1 or 2 times/month.
  • Obsessive state following a chronic infection of the genitourinary system or gonorrhea. For this type of case, use 15 to 30 CH, 1 to 4 times a month (to be spaced out as soon as there is improvement).
  • For diaper rash in infants caused by maceration in a soiled diaper, 5 CH or 10 DH. At the rate of 3 granules to be diluted in bottle water 3 times a day.

For use in high dilution, it would be wise to consult a doctor.


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