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Stevia comes from the Latin name stevia Rebaudiana. From the Asteraceae family, this wild plant comes from Paraguay and Brazil. It is generally found in the high altitudes of Amambay. It generally grows in the highlands.

Its sugar-rich and honeyed taste gives it the name “honey grass”. Stevia leaves are rich in stevioside and rebaudioside A. These chemicals are powerful natural sweeteners. Stevioside is sweeter than sucrose, but with a less pronounced taste. Rebaudioside A is responsible for the sweet taste perceived later.

The plant is also rich in vitamins, proteins, tannins and essential oils. Stevia can be used in its raw state, without transformation.

The main uses of stevia in herbal medicine

This herb is popular in diabetics. It allows you to sweeten drinks without adding carbohydrates or additional calories. Stevia regulates sugar levels and eliminates excess fat. It is also widely used in the obesity treatment and in case of hypoglycemia. Rebaudioside A does not affect blood sugar levels. Its extraction follows a well-defined process: maceration, filtration then crystallization.

The body recognizes and digests the sugar contained in the plant quickly. In some regions, this plant is used for remove venom from a snake. It helps to reduce flu and fever. It also helps in bronchitis treatment. Stevia acts on the nervous system by reducing stress and depression.

She strengthens the frame and the keratin contained in the hair. It facilitates intestinal transit and acts in case of gastroenteritis. This plant is a excellent appetite suppressant and inhibits food addictions by increasing metabolism. It promotes blood thinning and prevents heart disease.

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Dosages and dosages of stevia

fresh plant

For the high blood pressure problems, take about 500 g of stevia per day. To be divided into three doses before meals.

In maceration

Put the equivalent of a handful of stevia in hot water. Macerate for ten days before filtering.

In cocktails

Take 5g of stevia dried or powder. Dilute in a glass of carrot and 15 g of spirulina.

In infusion

Take 5g of stevia in powder. Dilute in hot water, then filter.

Contraindications and adverse effects

There are no particular contraindications foruse of stevia. However, it is recommended not to take it during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Daily intake should not exceed a certain dose. It is advisable to seek advice from a specialized herbalist. In some cases, it can cause allergic reactions.


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