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Henry Cavill is a British actor born May 5, 1983 (33 years old), known for his main role as the superhero: Superman in 2013 in Man of Steel and in 2016 in Batman vs. Superman.

Henry Cavill was already a sports enthusiast before having made a career in cinema. And his incarnation as Superman motivated him to be even more muscular with an athletic look. That tells you if he took his role very seriously.
The actor talks about really tough workouts and a lot of self-sacrifice to achieve the physique demanded by the director of the film, Zack SNYDER.

Coach of the Spartans team from the movie “300”, Mark Twight worked alongside him for at least 6 months, in the GYM JONES room in LOS ANGELES, to increase the actor’s muscle mass.

He would have worked not far from 2h30 per day, at the rate of 5 training sessions per week, until each time pushing the limits of his body. He approached different types of efforts such as CrossFit, powerlifting and basic bodybuilding, always with the aim of seeking greater intensity and muscular work, with exercises such as sprinting to work explosiveness and cardio in order to keep control of your body fat.

His eating plan was based on a consumption of 3500 – 5000 calories per day depending on the type of training, and well distributed between proteins, carbohydrates, lipids: 5 to 6 daily meals.

Most importantly, he met his protein needs by consuming whey shakes with coconut milk, peanut butter and maltodextrin.

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