The medical academy encourages smokers to switch to vaping

In a press release published today, the Academy of Medicine recalls that if confidence in the electronic cigarette has been shaken by a sudden epidemic of pulmonary pathologies localized in the United States, this problem is clearly an American problem which does not threaten French and European consumers.

The position expressed by the Academy in 2015 already advised to guarantee the safety of products, to declare the substances present in e-liquids and above all to prohibit their sale to minors as well as advertising and use where it is no smoking. This is the case today in France where electronic cigarettes are subject to quality and safety standards, unlike the United States.

The American epidemic of lung attacks is due to a diversion of its use because, after having questioned vaping as such, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognize that this diversion is the main cause of this epidemic which has affected in four months nearly 2200 people with 42 deaths. We must not accuse the container of being harmful when it is the content that is actually harmful and responsible for the American alert.

The e-cigarette is less dangerous than the cigarette, helps to stop and reduce tobacco consumption.

For the Academy of Medicine, it is clearly established that the e-cigarette is less dangerous than the cigarette. It is therefore preferable for a smoker to vape. Since 2016, the High Authority for Health (HAS) has considered it “as an aid to stop or reduce the consumption of tobacco by smokers”, sometimes better than other nicotine substitutes as shown by a randomized trial. Santé Publique France indicates that at least 700,000 smokers have quit thanks to electronic cigarettes.

If the concern is totally justified in the USA, this is not what is observed in France because studies by Paris Sans Tabac show that the overall consumption of nicotine among young people – vaporette plus tobacco – is decreasing thanks to French regulations and European. In France, many smokers who were about to switch to a vaporette instead of tobacco should not hesitate since the HAS has made it a useful product for quitting smoking and which has proven its worth.

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