The medicinal properties of Madagascar periwinkle

The Madagascar periwinkle is, as its name suggests, an endemic plant of Madagascar. It belongs to the Apocynaceae family and bears the scientific name of Catharantus Roseus. It contains tannins, alkaloids and vincarubine. It mainly owes its medicinal properties to the alkaloids, and in particular to vincristine, vinblastine and ajmalicine.

In which cases to use Madagascar periwinkle?

That medicinal plant stands out for its many therapeutic powers. It intervenes to take care of many disorders.

The chemical components exert a hypoglycemic action. This prevents the onset of diabetes.

The plant contains antimitotics that block cell reproduction at the anaphase stage. They thus stop the development and spread of tumor cells. It is recommended for use in cases of breast cancer, cervical cancer and in case of lymphoma or leukemia.

  • Cardiovascular problems

The active principle of the root is an alpha blocking spasmolytic which inhibits the action of adrenaline. It induces an increase in the irrigation of the brain. It exhibits anxiolytic properties and prevents convulsions. It is used in the treatment of high blood pressure.

  • Nervous system disorders

Periwinkle helps improve brain function. It is recommended for people of advanced age or suffering from mental disorders following strokes. It is prescribed to stimulate sensory functions. It makes it possible to cure retinopathies of vascular origin and affections of the inner ear.

Galenic forms of periwinkle

The Madagascar periwinkle can be used in different forms. The remedies are made from extracts of the aerial parts or roots. It is used to make herbal teas, to make capsules or tablets.

Instructions for use of preparations

The medicinal plant is used to make remedies for various diseases. Depending on the desired effect, one can choose the form and the dose consumed. For the treatment and prevention of different forms of cancer, capsules and tablets are the best option. Similarly, the required dose of active ingredients is only reached in these forms for diabetes.

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The herbal tea is prescribed for improve the healthy circulatory system and regulate blood pressure. It is made with the leaves at the rate of 40 grams per 1 liter of water. It is taken in one cup in the morning and one in the evening. This remedy also induces a drop in blood sugar. It is also used to treat angina in the form of a gargle.

Risks linked to the consumption of periwinkle

Consumption of this substance poses certain health risks. Taken in high doses, it can be toxic due to the action of antimitotic binary alkaloids. Its toxicity mainly affects the nervous system. It comes from the inhibition of cellular reproduction at the level of the axons. It can produce hallucinogenic effects.


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