The natural treatment of fibromyalgia, by Pierre Franchomme

3 million people, 75% of women suffer from fibromyalgia in France. Medicine is embarrassed by this still poorly understood disease which is characterized by continuous pain in certain parts of the body and persistent fatigue. Pierre Franchomme, the “father” of the scientific use of essential oils in France for 30 years, gives us his treatment to overcome fibromyalgia and reduce its symptoms.

Fibromyalgia is a neuro-tendino-muscular disease that affects approximately 3% of the population, 75% of whom are women. The affected population is estimated at 14 million in Europe and 3 million in France. This painful and disabling disease is characterized by: a chronic state of neuropathic pain day and night, sleep disorders (non-restorative), fatigue leading to exhaustion, concentration and memorization disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, hypersensitivity of the senses (temperature, light, noise, smell) and emotions, with frequent anxiety and depression. It is usually diagnosed with the addition of the presence of 18 very sensitive points on the body.

Fibromyalgia, a two-sided pathology

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and diffuse idiopathic polyalgia syndrome (SPID), better known as fibromyalgia (FM), are autoimmune diseases, ultimately disabling and often difficult to identify, misunderstood by those around them. family or professional. They appear as the two sides of a single pathology characterized by 2 major symptoms:

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– chronic intense physical fatigue or more exactly pathological extreme exhaustion, dominant in CFS;

– diffuse and intense joint and muscle pain, chronic, dominant in the SPID, with periods of paralysis.

The symptoms are accompanied by a variable set of various functional disorders of neurovegetative origin, including sleep disorders, headaches, cognitive disorders, digestive disorders, nervous breakdown.

The specific diagnosis of fibromyalgia includes:

– at least 11 painful pressure points, among the 18 selected as characteristics according to the American College of Rheumatology.

– unexplained physical fatigue, constant and disproportionate to the efforts made, both physical (e.g. washing dishes, ironing, walking, etc.) with the impossibility of recovering normally, coupled with intellectual fatigue (memory lapses)

-consecutive mental fatigue of the state of permanent stress, with periods of dejection and total pathological exhaustion.

The origin of fibromyalgia can be viral:

On a background of intestinal permeability (in 70% of cases), viral reactivations play a major role, in the history of those affected, we can find:

– a viral infection with Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) with hepatic complication (former case of infectious mononucleosis)

– presence of enterovirus (Echovirus B or Coxsackie B) in the stomach of 82% of patients and the presence of anti-VP1 antibodies (enterovirus proteins).

natural treatment for fibromyalgia

It is obvious that this is a long-term treatment with therapeutic windows, which must be followed by a competent health professional in this field.

– To find a deep and restorative sleep:

In aroma

HE Angelica archangelica, roots (Angelica): 2 drops in the evening at bedtime on a neutral tablet

In olfaction

HE Santalum austrocaledonicum (New Caledonian sandalwood): a trace at the level of the nasal orifice at bedtime

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– To fight against depression, in small doses:

HECO2 Myristica fragrans, aril (CO2 extract of Macis): 1 drop before the 3 meals of the day on a neutral tablet

– EO Anxiolytics and adaptogens

HE Citrus reticulata var. tangerine (Green Mandarin): 1 drop before the 3 meals of the day on the same neutral tablet

– To relieve pain:

Nigella Balm (in the morning): apply to painful areas

Myrrh Balm (in the evening): apply to painful areas

– To help heal the intestinal mucosa:

HE Cistus ladaniferus (Ladaniferous cistus): one drop during lunch and evening meals. Karkadé extract (food supplement or herbal tea)

– HE antivirals and inhibitors of EBV “Epstein-Barr Virus”:

Optionally or alternately:

HE Curcuma domestica (Curcuma) or HE Zingiber officinale (Fresh ginger)

HE Cinnamomum verum, bark (Cinnamon) 2 drops on a neutral tablet, 2 to 3 times a day

– In addition: oligotherapy and vitamin therapy:

Marine magnesium, vitamins B and C

It is now easy to find any type of essential oil on the market. Pay attention to their quality. They must at least all be labeled organic, organic, although that is not always enough to guarantee their quality.

The essential oils mentioned (Angelica, Sandalwood, Macis, Green Mandarin, Cistus, Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon) as well as the Nigella and Myrrh balms are available on the website www.pierrefranchomme-lab.com

Pierre Franchomme is a leader in the field of medicinal essential oils. A true pioneer since 1975, he is notably the discoverer of several essential oils that are essential today such as ravintsara, tea tree, radiated eucalyptus, immortelle, fragrant inule… His immense research work has posed the bases of aromatic pharmacology, leading him to impose the fundamental notion of “chemotype” and to collaborate with prestigious organizations: Institut Pasteur in Paris, Faculty of Medicine in Toulouse, CNRS, and many others. Pierre Franchomme is also a teacher in Aromatherapy and founder of the humanitarian association Aromatherapy Without Borders.

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