The nutritional mistakes of the beginner in bodybuilding

The nutritional mistakes of beginners in bodybuilding

Mistake #1: Counting Calories Too Soon

It might surprise you, but counting calories too early in your bodybuilding journey can lead to frustration and failure. From the beginning it is important to watch what you eat, but not necessarily watch the quantityAbove all when you are ectomorph (thin with a fast metabolism) and want to gain weight and muscle mass. By going to the gym between 3 and 5 times a week and exercising intensely, you create very important nutrient and calorie needs that must be met if you want to change physically.

Mistake #2: Looking for the perfect meal plan

This mistake is made by most people trying to lose weight or gain weight. There is no “ultimate” diet that guarantees you will function so well that in 10-12 weeks you will be ready to be on the cover of a magazine. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. For many people, it is not the food program or the diet that is the problem but the degree of commitment and the constancy. Some waste a lot of time jumping from one eating strategy to another but never last long enough to see progress. Most of the diets associated with a goal are very similar overall: eating fruits and vegetables, frequent meals, eating white meats, etc. The key to success is to invest. It can take 20 weeks instead of 12 to lose all the fat you don’t want. It can take an entire year to gain the 10 pounds of muscle you dream of having. The key is to stop looking for the magic diet plan and commit to a plan of attack until you reach your goals.

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Mistake #3: Not preparing your meals in advance

Many like to repeat “I don’t have time to think about what to eat” or “I don’t have time to eat healthy”. But the problem could be avoided with proper planning. For a meal plan that you have decided to follow to work, you must prepare as many meals as possible in advance. Without preparation and organization, you are doomed to failure in the quest for your bodybuilding goals. Developing a meal plan and sticking to it requires focus and discipline. In the stress of everyday life, you can quickly lose track, hence the importance of planning to progress faster.
You will quickly notice that by learning from the mistakes of others and by respecting these 3 basic rules that limit the progress of the beginner, you will reach your bodybuilding goals faster.

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