The Okinawa Diet: The Secrets of the Centenarian Diet

Worldwide, Japan, on the island of Okinawa, has the highest number of centenarians. But how is this possible? The good diet adopted by the inhabitants of this island is one of the causes. These inhabitants follow their traditional diet known as the Okinawa diet.

The principle of the Okinawa diet

It’s a flexitarian diet, i.e. semi-vegetarian. It’s about consuming foods that are low in fat. These should not exceed 25% of the total calories to be consumed. All the foods in question are therefore low in calories.

This traditional Okinawan diet is based on the principle of consumption of fresh products rich in vitamins and minerals. The plate will be well balanced and well colored with small portions. During this diet, you have to stop eating before you are full. But above all, you have to eat thinking that foods have healing powers.

Following the Okinawa diet is not subject to a mandatory fixed term. You can adopt this diet in your daily life for life. It’s not just a simple diet, it’s a real way of life recommended for everyone.

Benefits of the Okinawa Diet

Eating to the rhythm of the Okinawa diet brings many benefits for you. the traditional diet of this island guarantees a higher life expectancy for those who adopt it. Researchers have proven this after carrying out research to substantiate the longevity of Okinawans.

The Okinawa diet also helps maintain good health. This is due to the adoption ofgood food hygiene. Food is healthy and balanced. You avoid contracting various kinds of diseases. This is the case with cardiovascular diseases, arterial diseases, diabetes, cancer, etc.

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As an accessory, the Okinawa diet helps to lose weight. Foods to eat are all low glycemic index. A slight caloric restriction is advocated in the diet. Moreover, the weightloss is ensured, because the person concerned will be encouraged to listen to their feeling of hunger.

The Okinawa diet menu

There is no specific menu to follow in a Okinawan diet. However, we distinguish a list of foods that we can eat or not. Just combine several of these foods in your daily menu.

  • Foods to eat

These are the foods to eat every day. All vegetables, cereals, starchy foods, fresh fruits, soy products, dairy products, teas and spices are included.

Two to three times a week, it is necessary: ​​rice, pasta, semolina, banana, avocado, potato, fish and seafood. Foods are to be consumed exceptionally. This is the case with lean meat, eggs, alcohol, dried fruits, oleaginous fruits.

This diet prohibits bad fats, processed products, sugar, salt, cream and cheeses.


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