The power of Bach flower water on the body

Bach flowers are natural remedies treating moods, feelings and emotions. These are floral elixirs whose role is to improve well-being by restoring emotional balance. The essences are classified in 7 groups according to the feelings. To cite uncertainty, lack of interest, loneliness, hypersensitivity, worry, excessive preoccupation and sadness. The Bach flower rock water helps people who are too demanding with others and themselves. The requirement can manifest itself at work as well as in the simple things of daily life.

Origin of rock water or rock water

I’rock water is prepared from spring water but not from flowers. Hence its particularity among the Bach flowers. The spring water comes from a very pure, unpolluted and sunny source in the middle of a vegetation. It is collected in summer or spring. Rock water marks a real contrast between the rigidity of stone and the fluidity of water.

In which cases should it be used?

Its use is suitable for rigid and perfectionist people. These are the people who need to be an example for others. They are strict and demanding with themselves. They always set the bar too high.

What are its benefits ?

Bach flower water helps to control emotions. It gives the ability to let go of some ballast. Thus, one becomes more flexible with oneself and the requirement with perfection decreases at the same time.

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How do we use it?

You can use the Bach flower rock water alone. It can also be associated with other Bach flowers.

The dosage is as follows if used alone. Pour 2 drops in half a glass of water and mix everything. You can also pour the drops of rock water directly on the tongue. It should be taken between meals 4 times a day.

The association, if this is the case, must be between 2 to 7 Bach flowers maximum. It is necessary to dilute 2 drops of each in 30 ml of non-sparkling mineral water. Then take 4 drops of this mixture directly on the tongue. It is also taken 4 times a day between meals.

It should be taken for 1 to 5 days if facing a fleeting emotion. The duration of the catch is 3 weeks if we do a background treatment. That is, the emotions are more persistent.

Warning for the use of elixir n°27

Before use, you must make a emotional balance sheet with licensed counsellors. On the Bach Flowers website there is also a self-diagnosis tool.

It is not recommended for pregnant women. The same is true for children under 3 and people in the process of Alcoholic withdrawal. This is due to the presence of alcohols in Bach flowers.


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