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It is a breathing technique. Its principle is based on the fact that the body needs CO2. However, abnormal people who cannot breathe hyperventilate. Thus depriving the body of the CO2 it needs to activate these various mechanisms. To cite the transport of oxygen in the blood and its transfer to the cells by hemoglobin. This is the origin of spasms in smooth muscles. These are those of the intestines, bronchi and circulatory system. To counterbalance this lack, the body sends signs. It will bring on symptoms like an asthma attack. The crisis is therefore considered as a defense mechanism of the body against the shortage of CO2.

Origin of the method

Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko developed the Buteyko method. It was during the 1950s. Buteyko is a doctor of Russian nationality. During his practice, he made an observation on the breathing rate of patients. Notably, asthmatics breathed deeper and faster than the average person at rest. During a seizure, their breaths are even more intense, hence there is an aggravation of the situation. Buteyko suggested to his asthma patients to reduce the volume and frequency of their breathing. As a result, there was a considerable decrease in their asthma and hyperventilation symptoms. Their drug use also went down with it.

This method was created for teach asthmatics to breathe less and better.

What are the benefits of the Buteyko method?

Scientific studies have shown the positive effects of its practice on the body. In particular, it contributes to asthma treatment. Asthma symptoms can be reduced with it, as well as the volume of air breathed per minute. It therefore improves the quality of life and significantly reduces the consumption of drugs.

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Doctor Buteyko claimed that his method also improves people’s breath. According to him, it can be useful to all those who use their breath intensely. To quote the sportsmen, the singers and the women at the time of the childbirth. The latter is not yet scientifically proven until now.

Specialists of the Buteyko method say that thechronic hyperventilation cause various health problems. According to them, the method can alleviate them. Such as rhinitis, panic attacks, chronic sinusitis and snoring.

Practice of the Buteyko method

There are several ways to practice the method. The following six phases can be followed.

The first step is to take the initial pulse. Sit comfortably in a quiet place with your back straight. The pulse is taken for 15 seconds. Multiply the result by 4 and then write it down. This is to monitor the effects of the practice of breathing exercises.

In the second step, we do the control break. It consists of inhaling quietly for 2 seconds through the nose and then exhaling for 3 seconds. Then hold your breath by pinching your nose and counting the seconds. Note the duration of the control pause when you feel like you are running out of air. It’s for assess hyperventilation

The third is the very shallow breathing stage. Keep your back straight with slowed breathing. Breathe like this for 5 minutes. One must be careful to maintain very fluid breathing.

We then enter the control pause phase. This is the fourth step. To perform it, you have to take a control break and note its duration. The duration must be longer than that of the control pause of the 2nd stage. She still needs to lie down after a few sessions.

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The fifth step is to take your pulse and write it down. It’s supposed to be slower than step number 1. It should be slower from the initial step after a few sessions.

The exercise ends with an observation of the physical condition. Shallow breathing has a calming effect.


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