The pump! How do NO boosters promote muscle growth?

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nitric oxide

Nitric oxide works as an energy booster, but it also burns fat, helps build muscle, aid recovery, and bulk you up by dilating blood vessels.

Nitric oxide for energy

To gain muscle, it is necessary to train hard. Intense training sessions require a lot of energy. Being on the attack every day is impossible and a nitric oxide booster can help you emerge and save a session that was not going to be very effective because of fatigue. Nitric oxide provides oxygen to muscles used during exercise. Thanks to this, you will be able to go further in your series. Nitric oxide therefore allows you to train harder and longer.

nitric oxide to burn fat

Everyone wants to have the lowest fat percentage possible. Whether you want to lose fat tissue while maintaining muscle mass or gain mass while minimizing fat gain, it’s important to keep your metabolism as fast as possible. A NO booster has this ability, encouraging the body to burn fat for energy.

Nitric oxide optimizes recovery

Proper recovery is essential for building muscle and maximizing athletic performance. When we talk about recovery, we want to put the odds on our side. Nitric oxide delivers nutrients quickly and efficiently to muscles, repairing tissue and reducing fatigue. You will be on the attack for the next sessions, because less sore!

Nitric oxide for maximum congestion (pump)

Everyone knows how good that feeling is when you feel all congested after a set in your weight room. A nitric oxide booster will dramatically increase this volumization, not only giving a boost to your sensations during your sets, but also to your motivation!

Nitric oxide optimizes muscle mass gain

Being able to train more intensively and longer with better concentration will promote faster mass gain, whatever one may say. Heavier loads and higher intensity always mean progress!

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