The real phytotherapeutic benefits of thorny butcher’s broom

The spiny butcher’s broom is an ancient broom. It is famous for its officinal properties and its healing virtues. Thus, it is usually used to relieve menstrual pain and to treat bladder stones.

It seems that it was Europe that marked its genesis and its first appearance. On the other hand, it grows easily wherever there are calcareous soils and temperate and slightly humid climates. It is pleasantly decorated with its small evergreen leaves and its red fruits. The prickly broom belongs to the Liliaceae family.

It gets the scientific name ruscusaculeatus. This wild shrub has exceptionally diuretic, vasoconstrictor, laxative, preventive, anti-hemorrhoidal and anti-inflammatory properties. Buttercup also contains glyceric acid, glycolic acid, saponins, flavonoids, salt and potassium nitrate.

The body, health, well-being and the prickly broom

This plant particularly allows the treatment of various ailments. It helps to fight against inflammatory pathologies of the urinary tract and diabetic retinopathy. Herbalists recommend its use for cure edema and venous insufficiency. It cleans the walls of blood vessels. It also constitutes active components that promote the care of abdominal pain and constipation.

Different herbal treatments of the prickly broom

In herbal medicine, we access different aspects: total powder, drinkable ampoules, ointments, food supplements, essential oil, suppositories, ointments and capsules (from the root of this plant). The mother tinctures are used to treat venous disorders (50 to 150 drops per day for a cure of 3 or 4 weeks). In capsules, it is often used for treat venous disordersvaricose veins and heavy, painful or swollen legs.

Enjoy all the virtues of the thorny butcher’s broom

To benefit from all its benefits, it is necessary to pay attention to the world of preparation and the dosage:

  • For capsules or tablets, the maximum dosage is 2 per day. 1 morning and evening.
  • The ointment is applied locally on hemorrhoids. The standardized root extract is taken orally to reduce hemorrhoidal pain.
  • For the infusions you will need 1 tbsp of dried leaves and 250ml of water, boil and drink for relieve your colds.
  • You can associate this plant with red vine to improve venous tone.
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The therapeutic dangers of the spiny butcher’s broom

Its toxicity can cause digestive diseases. Therefore, it is not necessary to prolong the prickly butcher’s broom treatment. It rarely causes digestive upset and nausea. On the other hand, herbalists do not recommend its use during pregnancy (gestation), in the event of arterial hypertension, in breastfeeding women, young children and adolescents. As for the adequate dose, only the opinion of a specialized practitioner can define it.


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