The Secale Cornutum to cure abdominal pain

Made from ergot, the Secale cornutum strain is another homeopathic medicine. Scientifically called “Claviceps purpurea”, this fungus belongs to the family of ascomycetes. It primarily parasitizes rye and several other cereals, while transforming their seeds into foul-smelling, dark sclerotia. It is through these previously dried sclerotia that the mother tincture and the homeopathic strain Secale Cornutum are made. So, it is essentially the result of the attack of this famous fungus.

Physical health assured with Secale Cornutum medication

The homeopathic medicine Secale Cornutum notably offers its performance in the prevention of abdominal pain. Also renowned for its vasoconstrictor values, it is used in particular to prevent vascular and circulatory disorders. It treats circulatory disorders of the lower limbs, cerebral and blood circulation disorders. These discomforts often cause headaches, visual disturbances, anxiety, migraines and dizziness.

The Secale Cornutum improves the health of all the cerebral and cardiovascular spheres of the human being. It operates for treat arterial disease, hemorrhage of black blood and diseases related to heart and brain. This remedy intervenes to solve the problems of the gynecological sphere (in particular postpartum metrorrhagia and menometrorrhagia). He prevents retinopathy and in dermatology, it heals leg ulcers (arterial type). It can also act on recurrent mouth ulcers, Raynaud’s syndrome, cramps and abdominal pain.

Secale Cornutum: know the exact dosages

The Secale Cornutum homeopathic strain has several forms: galenic form of granules, doses, drops, ampoules, triturations and suppositories. We will then explore the different uses of this strain and the diseases it treats:

  • 5 or 7 CH of 3 pellets for treat Raynaud’s syndrome and symptoms of vascular disorders. Operation to be repeated one to three times a day.
  • 5 CH, 5 granules per day to prevent aphtosis (duration of treatment: 3 months).
  • The use of 5 CH, 5 granules morning and evening for 4 months makes it possible to treat
  • 5 CH, 5 granules 3 to 4 times a day: this dose can help in case of transit disorders. To be taken until the return of a normal transit.
  • 5 CH, 5 granules in the morning for headaches, migraines and One dose to be renewed every 30 minutes (from the start of the migraine attack), then space out as soon as there is improvement.
  • Taking 9 CH, 5 granules per day for 6 months allows the treatment of venous circulation disorders. These disorders most often affect the lower limbs.
  • Take 5 CH, 5 granules morning and evening (for 1 month) in case of leg ulcers or bedsores.
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