The slimming performance of the Seignalet diet

Doctor Jean Signalet designed a diet that bears his name. He based his design on observing the effects of food on health. With this in mind, he studied its influence on the evolution of diseases. Thus, the Seignalet diet aims for a curative action for various pathologies. It offers weight loss at the same time.

Principles of the Seignalet diet

The designer of the diet advocates a return to the basics of the diet of ancient times. It involves certain restrictions and prescribes certain categories of food.

By imitating the food bases of the origins of humanity, the Seignalet diet does not contain toxic substances. It excludes all processed products and those containing chemicals. He advocates a organic food and encourages the preparation of meals at home.

  • Prohibited dairy products

In his philosophy, Doctor Seignalet emphasizes the predestination of animal milk for the little ones. He concludes that animal milk and its derivatives are not suitable for human digestion. These risk causing disease. He recommends vegetable milks instead of animal milks.

  • The exclusion of mutated cereals

By mutated cereals, we mean those that have undergone genetic modifications such as wheat or corn. The regime prohibits their consumption, raw or processed.

The bain-marie, steaming or stewing continue the recommended methods. On the other hand, the concept advises against cooking at a temperature of more than 110 degrees. According to the principle, these cooking methods produce toxic substances. Thus, no form of frying is allowed.

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Diet Health Effects

The Seignalet diet is intended to contribute to the treatment of many pathologies. The initiator of the concept affirms its beneficial effects for certain categories of diseases.

This diet would cure rheumatoid arthritis, spondyloarthritis and psoriatic arthritis. It also applies in the event of celiac disease, lupus or sclerosis.

Cellular fouling is the cause of migraine, psychosis and depression. It also causes spasmophilia, fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis. The diet applies in the presence of one of these disorders. It can even cure some cancers.

  • Elimination Diseases

Diseases of elimination include, among others, urticaria, bronchitis and asthma, and psoriasis.

In short, Dr. Seignalet declares that this diet is capable of treat 91 diseases classified as incurable.

Seignalet diet and weight gain

The weightloss does not appear in the objectives of the Seignalet regime. This is an accessory effect linked to the quantity of plant substances ingested. The diet produces a fairly significant decrease in mass at the start of treatment. The results are then evaluated at 1 kg per fortnight. This value seems low, but remains permanent. In addition, theproven healthy diet can be maintained for life.


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