The solution to relieve dry eyes

Dry eye affects many people today. It comes from disorders in the production of tears. It can affect the quality of daily life. It can be treated by a simple natural method.

Description of the phenomenon of dry eyes

Dry eyes result from the action of many factors. These may or may not be related to eye disease. They have many annoying signs.

Tears, essential for eye health

The secretion of tears takes place permanently at the level of the lacrimal glands. The eyelids then allow their distribution over the surface of the eye. They provide the eye with water, lipids and mucus. They form a protective tear film on the cornea. This nourishes the cornea and prevents it from drying out. It strengthens the ocular surface against the action of external agents.

Causes of dry eyes

Dry eyes occur naturally from aging tear glands. The decline in hormone production during menopause and andropause increases the effects.

They can also arise from inflammatory, autoimmune or systemic diseases. They also come from vitamin A deficiency and the side effects of certain medications. These are neuroleptics, beta-blockers, morphine, antidiarrheals or antihistamines.

External factors also lead to dry eyes. Prolonged exposure to screens, air conditioning, pollution are all causes.


In general, the disorder leads to a decrease in the amount of tears secreted. It affects as much the quality and stability of the tear film. It then generates different manifestations. Subject feels like he has specks of dust in his eyes. It becomes more sensitive to light. He feels irritation and his eyes redden. When he wakes up, his dry eyes struggle to open, the eyelids sticking together. The eyelids blink frequently. Tears do not flow even in situations that stimulate them. They do not occur during strong emotions or under the action of pungent substances. Visual acuity is also affected. Infections occur because the tear film loses its protective power. In the long term, keratitis appears in the cornea.

Eyebright treatment

Eyebright is known for its firming properties for the brain, eyes and memory. It is used to treat all forms of eye disorder.

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the eyebright eye bath is a very effective remedy for dry eyes.

For the preparation, 3 g of dry eyebright are cut into fine pieces. 100 ml of boiling water is poured into it. The eyebright is left to infuse for ten minutes, then the debris is removed through a sieve. Let the infusion cool down. Then we wet the compresses and wring them out. The compresses are applied to the eyes 3 to 4 times a day. Hygiene for the preparation of the infusion must be rigorous to protect the fragility of the eyes.


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