The therapeutic benefits of Arum triphyllum in homeopathy

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that uses the principle of similarity. It involves giving a subject an infinitesimal dose of one or more homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed by doctors in European countries. These medicines are known as “homeopathic remedies”.

The homeopathic strains of the remedies used in homeopathy have several origins. Some can come from the animal or vegetable kingdom. While the others can be obtained from minerals or chemical elements. There are still some that are made synthetically. However, about 60% of strains are derived from plants. As the case of Arum triphyllum.

Arum triphyllum is a herbaceous plant. It belongs to the Araceae family. It is found in the United States. These fruits are red berries in the shape of globules. The dried underground parts are used to make the mother tincture.

The existing forms for this homeopathic medicine are granules and doses. They are based on sugars. These sugars are sucrose and lactose.

Under what circumstances should the homeopathic remedy Arum triphyllum be used?

The homeopathic remedy Arum triphyllum is a remedy that has a very limited field of action. These main therapeutic indications are laryngitis and vocal overwork. Thus, it is used in the singer’s laryngitis. Laryngitis is accompanied by burning irritation, excoriation and tingling. It is also prescribed in case of hoarse voice with aphonia. There is then an extinction of the subject’s voice. With this remedy, a path breaking on a high pitch or certain notes can be treated.

How to correctly use Arum triphyllum in homeopathy?

Indications on the mode of consumption of the Arum triphyllum remedy:

The indications on the mode of consumption are similar to those of the other homeopathic remedies. Thus, Arum triphyllum is not taken during meals, coffee, mint and tobacco. To consume the two existing forms, you just have to let them melt under the tongue. It is a remedy that breastfeeding and pregnant women can use.

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This homeopathic remedy is very effective in its two indications. There is an astonishing improvement in the subject’s condition from the first take.

Recommended dosage when using:

Regarding the dosage used, it is similar for the two main therapeutic indications of the remedy. As well as the dilution and the duration of the treatment. Thus, in case of laryngitis and voice strain, take 5 pellets every hour. The dilution to use is 15 CH. It is then necessary to gradually space out the catches taking into account the improvements in the general condition of the subject.


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