The therapeutic benefits of Coccus cacti in homeopathy

Homeopathic strains have various origins. They can be obtained synthetically. They can also be taken from animals or plants. Even minerals are also used. However, the majority comes from the plant kingdom. The Coccus cacti homeopathic strain corresponds to the cochineal female after fertilization. The strain is taken before the development of the eggs. The cochineal is a small insect. She lives on a cactus. It is a reddish-brown animal that measures 6 to 7mm long. It has an abdomen made up of segments. Coccus cacti also has antennae.

Almost all existing forms of homeopathic remedy are available for Coccus cacti. To quote the granules, the doses, the drops, the drinkable ampoules and the triturations. The first two forms mentioned contain sucrose. 1 dose of these forms provides 0.85 g and 5 granules 0.21 g. Triturations, granules and shots all contain lactose. The mother tinctures, ampoules and drinkable drops are hydro-alcoholic solutions.

Under what circumstances should this homeopathic remedy be used?

The field of action of this remedy is very limited. The main therapeutic indications for this homeopathic strain are cough, gingivitis and stomatitis. So the Coccus cacti remedy is used in cough type to persistent all winter. In fits, there are emissions of filamentous mucus.

It is also prescribed in themucosal hypersensitivity. But especially the laryngeal one when brushing your teeth.

How to correctly use the homeopathic remedy Coccus cacti?

It is taken at a distance from all food intakes, aperitifs and any product containing mint. As well as outside of tobacco. The doses and granules are allowed to dissolve under the tongue. You can also let them melt in a little water. Dissolution time is about 10 minutes. The last recommendation is only valid for infants.

the Coccus cacti remedy can be used during pregnancy and lactation. However, preparations that contain alcohol, even at a low level, should be avoided.

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In case of dry, spasmodic coughs, take 5 pellets in 5 or 7 CH. Taken 3 times a day during coughing fits. The number of doses should be progressively spaced out taking into account the improvements in the subject’s general condition. Dry and spasmodic coughs appear particularly at the end of the evening and on waking. It is interesting to check in this case whether the humidity level in the air in the house is correct. The humidity level must be between 45% and 50%. If the air is too dry, it will dry out the mucous membranes. For example, a humidifier can be used to humidify it. You can also simply use a bowl of water placed on the radiator during the winter. Honey candies also calm the Cough.

Coccus cacti is taken in 9 CH morning and evening during sensitivities of the mucous membranes.


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