The Therapeutic Benefits of Sulfur Iodatum in Homeopathy.

Sulfur iodatum is commonly known as iodine sulfide. It is also called sulfur iodide. The solution contains about 75-82% iodine. Thus, it contains 4 parts of iodine and 1 part of sulphur. To obtain the preparation, the mixture of iodine and sulfur is gently heated in a suitable glass container. When the mass becomes brown, it is heated even more to cause fusion. The mixture of sulfur and iodine is collected after cooling. As a result, the container can be broken if necessary. The mixture is dark gray in color. It has shiny slats. It has a very marked iodine smell. It is a practically insoluble mixture in water. The sulfur part is insoluble in 96% ethanol. Unlike the iodine part which is soluble in 96% ethanol. The decomposition point of the preparation is from 70°C.

There are several shapes available for the Sulfur iodatum remedy. There are granules, drops, triturations, doses, suppositories and drinkable ampoules. The majority of these forms are hydro-alcoholic solutions. To cite ampoules, drinkable drops and mother tinctures. The doses globules and granules are based on lactose and sucrose. But triturations, on the other hand, only contain lactose.

Under what circumstances should it be used?

The main therapeutic indications for this remedy are: angina, asthenia, conjunctivitis, joint pain. There is also allergic rhinitis, nasopharyngitis and cough. Thus, Sulfur iodatum is used in nasopharyngitis, recurrent angina, recurrent tracheobronchitis and allergic rhinitis. He heals the persistent cough with fever and chills and the subject’s general condition is weakened. It regulates acne in adolescents, especially those located on the back and on the forehead. This homeopathic remedy is also useful when recovering from an infectious disease. As well as in case of weight loss with fatigue despite the fact that the subject has a good appetite. Sulfur iodatum also treats osteoarthritis manifesting in the form of inflammatory flare-ups.

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How to use Sulfur Iodatum correctly in homeopathy?

Sulfur iodatum is to be taken apart from tobacco, coffee, meals and mint. To consume the doses and granules, they are just allowed to melt under the tongue. You can also dissolve these forms in a little water. It is a specific indication for infants.

The dose, dilution and duration of treatment are similar in case of nasopharyngitis and allergic rhinitis. But also in case of recurrent tracheo-bronchitis and recurrent angina. A dose of a 15 CH dilution is taken every Sunday for 3 months.

5 granules of 9CH per day for 10 days calm the persistent cough. In case of acne on the back and forehead, take 5 granules of 9 CH per day for 3 months. Osteoarthritis can be treated with 5 granules of 15 CH per day for 3 months. 5 granules of 15 CH per day for 1 month are useful in case of weight loss. The same doses are also used in recovery from an infectious disease.


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