The therapeutic benefits of Yersin Serum in homeopathy

Homeopathic strains of the various remedies are made from many sources. Among these origins, there are animals, plants, chemical elements and minerals. But it can also be obtained synthetically.

Yersin serum or anti-plague serum is a biotherapy. It comes from the antibodies of animals immunized against Yersin’s bacillus. Bacillus of Yersin whose Latin name is Pasteurella pestis or Yersinia pestis. We no longer use goats, cattle and sheep to make this serum. He is now of porcine and equine origin.

Many forms exist for this homeopathic remedy. Doses, triturations and suppositories can be used. You can also take granules, drops and drinkable ampoules.

In which cases should Yersin Serum be used?

Unlike homeopathic remedies of general action, Yersin Serum has a very limited action. These therapeutic indications are very specific and not very diversified. This remedy is indicated in case of flu accompanied by a lot of fever.

It can slow down the recurrence of bronchial infections and trachea. This is the reason why Serum of Yersin is used in homeopathy.

But it is also prescribed by doctors as a prevention for winter respiratory infections and flu. Except that the remedy is associated with another homeopathic strain called “influenzinum”.

How to use this serum correctly in homeopathy?

Recommended dosage of Yersin Serum:

The dose and duration of treatment depend on the ailments to be treated or the diseases to be prevented. If used as a preventative in order toreduce recurrences of respiratory infections, the dosage is as follows. Take a dose of a dilution of 9 CH per month over a period of 3 months. It can also be taken every 15 days.

It is possible that the doctor prescribes a dilution of 8 DH. Note that one dose can be replaced by 10 granules.

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In case of flu, take a dose of 9 CH every 12 hours. It is associated with other homeopathic strains used for flu symptoms. Like gelsemium, aconite or eupatorium.

Mode of consumption and indications of the Serum of Yersin:

This serum is taken apart from tobacco, coffee, meals and mint. The two forms, that is to say the granules and the doses, are to be left to melt under the tongue. The basic materials of these two forms are lactose and sucrose. Triturations contain only lactose. It is a remedy that can be used during breastfeeding and pregnancy.


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