The therapeutic indications of Argentum nitricum in homeopathy.

Argentum nitricum is an inorganic compound. It is commonly known as silver nitrate, which has the chemical formula AgNO3. But other names also exist, such as lunar caustic, lunar nitre, moon crystal or silver nitrate. In the chemical sense, it is considered a salt. Which means that it is the result of the action of an acid on a base. Argentum nitricum can occur as rhomboidal crystals. It can be white or colorless, odorless, soluble in ammonia and water. The melting point of this composition is 212°C.

Only two forms exist for this homeopathic remedy. These two available forms are granules and doses.

Under what circumstances should this homeopathic remedy be used?

The main indications ofArgentum nitricum are :

  • Aerogastry which results in the presence of gas in the stomach. It is often painful, causing the person to burp.
  • Pharyngitis which is characterized by a feeling of having a splinter stuck in the throat.
  • Laryngitis is observed especially in singers and speakers.
  • Conjunctivitis accompanied by a discharge of yellow pus.
  • Urinary disorders characterized by yellow discharge. The discharge is both painful and itchy with a splintering sensation.

This remedy can treat peptic ulcers. It is also useful in case of stage fright and sleep disorders.

The green colored diarrhea associated with gases are treatable with Argentum nitricum. Diarrhea which can also sometimes be accompanied by a discharge of blood.

How to use Argentum nitricum correctly in homeopathy?

Argentum nitricum is to be taken apart from mint, coffee, tobacco but also meals. As a mode of consumption, the two existing forms of this remedy are allowed to melt under the tongue.

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The recommended dose varies depending on the ailments and discomforts. In case of aerogastria, take 5 granules of 9 CH at the time of discomfort. The treatment can be extended for 15 days. The same dilution and the same granules treat the peptic ulcers. Except that the duration of treatment is 1 to 3 months.

To treat the infant diarrhea green in color, take 5 pellets of 9 CH. The catch must be done after the stools on 3 days. 5 granules of 9 CH every 3 hours treat pharyngitis. With improvement, the intake should be spaced out during the single week of treatment.

5 granules to be taken morning and evening for 3 months of 7 CH regulates the singer’s laryngitis. If there is no feeling of a splinter stuck in the throat, it is better to use Argentum metallicum. Conjunctivitis treatment lasts 1 week. We take 5 granules of 9 CH every 3 hours then we space out the intakes with the improvement.

Anticipatory stage fright is regulated by a dose of 30 CH for 3 months. In case of urinary disorders, take 5 granules of 7 or 9 CH morning and evening for 3 months.


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