The therapeutic indications of Kalium bichromicum in homeopathy.

The remedy strain Kalium bichromicum is commonly known as potassium dichromate. Potassium dichromate comes in the form of orange-red crystals. It is soluble in water. Potassium dichromate is very allergenic in people who handle it. Examples include tanneries, paints and cement industries.

There are 4 usable forms for this remedy. These 4 forms are doses, granules, drops and triturations.

Under what circumstances should this homeopathic strain be used?

The main therapeutic indications for this remedy are: mouth ulcers, nasopharyngitis, sinusitis and eczema. Thus, he treats the contact dermatitis, infected eczema, cement eczema and impetigo. Just as the ulcerated mouth sores often accompanied by stringy, thick and sometimes fetid saliva.

It also deflates the uvula when it is swollen. The uvula is similar to a small bag filled with water at the back of the throat.

Kalium bichromicum is useful for treating rhinorrhea that is yellow to greenish yellow in color. Rhinorrhea has a thick, stringy consistency and sometimes with traces of blood. They are accompanied by crusts in the nostrils. The remedy soothes frontal or maxillary sinusitis with this type of flow.

He calms the sciatic pain when enhanced by movement. Also, it calms foot pain and tendonitis.

In gynecology, it treats leucorrhea or vulvar discharge. The color of these discharges is greenish and they are thick. It is also used in the basic treatment and the preventive treatment of gastritis.

How to correctly use the homeopathic remedy Kalium bichromicum in homeopathy?

The remedy Kalium bichromicum is taken apart from tobacco, coffee, meals and mint. Infants can dissolve the granules and doses in a little water. For leftovers, they should be left to melt under the tongue.

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The eczema and impetigo are treated with 5 granules to be taken 3 times a day. For dry eczema, the dilution is 9 CH. Thus, for oozing eczema, the dilution to use is 15 CH.

For the canker sores treatment, take 5 granules of 5 CH every 2 hours. If the canker sores are painful, it can be combined with Borax.

For rhinorrhea and sinusitis, take 5 pellets every 4 hours. If you want to promote drainage, the dilution to be used must be 9 CH. But if we want to dry them up, we use a 15 CH dilution.

For sciatic pain and tendonitis, we must take 5 granules of 7 to 9 CH. The doses will be taken 4 times a day for acute conditions. They will be done twice a day for chronic conditions.

5 granules of 7 to 9 CH twice a day treat leucorrhoea. For gastric or gastroduodenal ulcers, take 5 granules of 9 CH 3 times a day.


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