The therapeutic properties of the Ledum Palustre strain

Ledum Palustre refers to a homeopathic medicine containing lactose and sucrose. It particularly indicates a shrub belonging to the family of ericaceae (ericaceae). This plant comes from the northwestern part of Europe, particularly in Great Britain, Germany and Belgium. It can also be found in Eurasia and North America. It grows abundantly and naturally in swampy woods and bogs. It can reach a height of more than 50 cm. It should be noted that it is a poisonous plant in its natural state. Ledum Palustre can also be called Labrador Tea, Wild Ledon, Wild Rosemary or Swamp Ledon. It is the branches (fresh leaves) that are used to make the homeopathic strain Ledum palustre. During the flowering period, the whole dried plant provides the mother tincture. A drug widely used in homeopathy against rheumatism and in the prevention of gout attacks.

Ledum Palustre: all the diseases it treats

The Ledum Palustre indicates a homeopathic strain effective in case of bruising, cuts, itchy feet and rosacea. It is used to prevent rosacea, the recurrence of a gout attack and rheumatism (with swollen and hot joints). He intervenes in the joint pain improved by cold, ankles and persistent hematomas.

A homeopathic strain useful in certain cases: acne, stroke, gout, joint pain, dry skin or insect bites. It activates the healing of wounds and treats the hypertrophy of the nose which often manifests itself in alcoholics. The homeopathic medicine Ledum Palustre also prevents and treats Insect bites especially mosquitoes or bees.

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Forms of the drug Ledum Palustre

The homeopathic strain Ledum Palustre may be suitable for pregnant or lactating women. It has no adverse effects and there are no known contraindications. However, it should be remembered that it is a limited action drug. Therefore, always seek advice from a practitioner or pharmacist before use.

Here are the homeopathic forms (Ledum Palustre) available in pharmacies:

  • Doses of globules and galenic granules (compounds based on saccharin and lactose).
  • Triturations containing only lactose and which come in white powder.
  • Hydro-alcoholic solutions which are defined in the form of TM (mother tinctures), drinkable drops and ampoules.
  • Dilutions between 2 and 30 CH.
  • Ointments.

For alleviate skin condition, 5 CH in 5 granules morning and evening (for 3 months). In case of black eye or bruises, 5 CH in 5 granules every hour. For prevent recurrence of gout attack, 15 CH: 1 to 2 doses/week (for 6 months). 5 or 7 CH, 5 granules every 3 hours to calm joint pain (for a week).


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