The top 10 natural laxatives to get rid of extra pounds

Currently, ample food is included in a diet aimed at reducing exertion or speeding up the process of weightloss. Natural laxatives are classified among these new slimming elements. Discover 10 natural laxatives that could help you keep your line.

Do you know natural laxatives?

Natural laxatives are intended to stimulate intestinal transit. It is often used in the medical field to treat constipation problems. You will have understood it, a laxative allows to evacuate what is too much in the belly. And yes, taking care of intestinal transit is essential.

It accelerates the metabolism and allows rapid assimilation of elements to transform the rest into waste and evacuate it. In a first context, the laxative therefore makes it possible to lose weight fast. It may be useful in a slimming diet if you come from a very gastronomic evening while you follow a weight loss program.

Natural laxatives in slimming diet

The frequent use of natural laxatives is still not recommended in a slimming diet. We mainly talk about its medical form such as dulcolax, forlax. Nevertheless, we can afford to integrate natural laxative elements to facilitate transit throughout the diet. These foods contain other nutrients that are certainly useful for lose weight healthy. It is also imperative to drink plenty of water if you are starting diets that include laxatives. This is to avoid the risk of dehydration.

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Use natural laxatives sparingly

It is important to understand that a laxative is not a fat burner. You must then rely on the other properties of a food if you want to reduce your excess fat. A laxative removes waste and most importantly, water. This is the main reason why a bottle of water should be available when eating laxative foods. Also, avoid overusing it so as not to cause the loss of important electrolytes. This could create an electrolyte imbalance according to some studies(1,2), a dangerous effect you don’t want.

Natural laxatives for weight loss

The foods most laxatives are those that are high in fiber. Fibers and their virtues are very useful whether for general health or for a dieting. They provide a feeling of satiety and facilitate intestinal transit. In other words, if we take laxatives natural, we can avoid many foods during the day to evacuate what is left in the evening. It is a very interesting fact when one wants lose weight fast.


Banana is a natural laxative and is full of fiber. There are indeed 2.6 grams of fiber per 100 grams of bananas. This fruit quickly gives an important effect of satiety in a weight loss program. It fills up quickly and also contains other useful nutrients like vitamin, carbohydrate. The laxative effect of the banana results in the fact that it tends to push everything downstream.

Whole grains

Having the same effects as bananas on satiety, whole grains have other advantages. You can eat this laxative food in snacks or meals, which is really interesting. A source of fibre, cereals also have a high level of carbohydrates.


Plums are fruits that can be found all year round. They contain various useful elements such as vitamins and mineral salts. This fruit is also a notable antioxidant and a appetite suppressant. For its laxative effect, it is best to eat the plum before it ripens. You can also try the plum diet for weight loss.

green tea

Flagship element, green tea combines everything that is important in a weight loss program. It is both an antioxidant, a diuretic, a thermogenic fat burner and a laxative. It is laxative because it stimulates bacteria in the intestine. This action requires energy that the metabolism draws from fatty tissue.

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The green vegetables

Green vegetables are above all rich in fiber. They greatly facilitate intestinal transit while being good appetite suppressants. Green vegetables are laxatives by nature. Integrate them into a slimming diet would be very beneficial, especially when following exercises to lose weight.


Coffee is a notorious slimming element. Caffeine has fat-burning and diuretic properties. Besides that, it speeds up the metabolism. Coffee thus allows lose weight fast if accompanied by a good diet. The laxative effect of coffee results in an action on the level of hormones. Indeed, the latter will stimulate the intestine so that the digestive system quickly evacuates its contents. Be careful not to drink too much coffee to avoid lung cancer.


Legumes are excellent laxatives since they contain a lot of fibre. The latter, whether soluble or insoluble, contribute greatly to evacuate what is too much in the body. We can mention in this category lentils, red beans, chickpeas, peas… Besides that, we appreciate legumes in slimming diet since they are vegetable sources of protein.


Carrots are also powerful laxatives, in the context of them being raw. A carrot diet contains many vitamins, useful for maintaining tone during a weight loss program. Carrots are also great antioxidants. They form a means of fighting against pinworms.

The oils

There are oils that could be accompanied in a slimming diet, in particular, extra virgin olive oil. Consumed appropriately, meals with olive oil have effects laxatives. The oil tends to lubricate the intestine, which makes the transit very fluid. In the same vein, we could also use coconut milk.

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The water

Water is the main element of the body itself. It provides several benefits and is a natural laxative. Indeed, it lubricates the entire interior of the digestive system. For more effects laxatives, mineral water rich in magnesium is recommended. For a water diet, 2l of water per day is necessary. What water to drink? Even drinking water can be suitable.

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  • * Presse Santé strives to transmit medical knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace medical advice. [HighProtein-Foods.com]

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