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The goldenrod (solidago) or Canadian solidago is a plant of the Asteraceae family. It has its origins in Europe and Asia. Its scientific name is solidago virgaurea. This plant has been used and is still used to treat a wide variety of ailments. But which ones and how is it used?

The virtues of goldenrod (solidago)

The goldenrod (solidago) contains many good elements for the body. This is the case with flavonoids, phenolic acids such as vigaureoside and leiocarposide, saponosides such as virgaureasaponin, diterpenes, tannins, essential oils. Thanks to these components, we can derive the virtuous properties of goldenrod. It is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, astringent and duritic as well as antifungal and expectorant.

The richness of goldenrod in certain elements justifies its use in various treatments. It can be used against urinary tract disorders such as nephritis, urethritis and cystitis. The same is true for kidney conditions including kidney stones and gallstones. For vaginal infections, goldenrod will kill germs and bacteria. If you are prone to disorders of the respiratory system, the goldenrod can relieve you. It treats colds, sore throats, chronic nasal secretions, etc. Gastrointestinal disorders can be calmed with this plant. Especially since it facilitates digestive elimination.

Externally, goldenrod (solidago) also has positive effects. For the dermatological problems, this plant is more than effective. With its healing effects, it heals wounds, ulcers and skin infections.

How to use goldenrod (solidago)

There are strict instructions for use with regard to the solidago from canada.

In terms of forms, goldenrod is available in herbal tea or syrup. To make an herbal tea, you need 1 liter of cold water for 2 tablespoons of goldenrod (solidago). The mixture should boil for 2 minutes and then steep for 10 minutes. Then filter!

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To make a syrup, boil 100 g of goldenrod flowering herbs in 1 liter of water. This operation is to be done for 10 minutes before letting the mixture infuse for 12 hours. After filtration, 1.5 kg of sugar is added to be heated until the sugar is completely dissolved. The syrup should be kept cool.

  • Usage and dosage

The goldenrod herbal tea takes it orally. You have to drink a whole liter a day. This liter of goldenrod herbal tea should be consumed during the day between meals. For external applications, just put a few drops of this herbal tea on the affected part. This operation should be repeated regularly.

As for the syrup, its consumption can be done every hour. It is recommended to take a tablespoon each time.

There are no known contraindications to the use of goldenrod in general. However, if you suffer from certain chronic conditions, it is advisable to consult a doctor before consuming it. This is the case for people suffering from pulmonary edema, chronic kidney disease, heart disease.


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