The various benefits of the relaxation response

We all need a moment of relaxation after having spent a strong moment of sadness or anger. But how do you relax and unwind effectively after the loss of a loved one or marital problems? How to eliminate or reduce stress (punctual or persistent)? The relaxation response or relaxation mechanism is to naturally promote relaxation. It is a bodily state of deep rest. This state can only be possible when the individual remains completely relaxed. In fact, it is a normal and essential physical phenomenon that elicits the relaxation reaction. After a stressful situation or a big effort, the relaxation response brings the body back to its normal metabolism. All in all, it is therapy that is concerned with the natural processes of relaxation and the various means of stimulating them.

Who developed the idea of ​​the relaxation response?

The links between health (emotional and physical) and stress were highlighted in the 1960s. The relaxation response is one of the different relaxation techniques appeared since. It indicates a specific method of relaxation developed by Doctor Benson in 1970. In fact, his idea materialized after he discovered the basic elements necessary to awaken the relaxation reaction. In 1975, this Doctor published a book specially entitled: “The Relaxation Response”.

Therapeutically, what are the effects of the relaxation response?

Not to mention relaxation, relaxation response refers to a very natural method mainly for curative purposes. It regulates many pathologies such as lumbar pain, dizziness, cervical disorders and headaches. She allows to reduce heart rate, muscle tension, breathing rate and stress hormone levels. By using this technique, the parasympathetic nervous system takes over.

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Infertility affects many women and can be particularly stressful. This can cause more adverse consequences on the chances and the possibility of conceiving. This method promotes fertility and improves female physiological health (menstrual cycle, menopause, etc.)

The relaxation response: contraindication, practice and sessions?

No risk, the relaxation response has no contraindications. Everyone (from the age of 6) can practice it. There are no specific practitioners who work in this field, but it can eventually be practiced by psychotherapists. You don’t necessarily need a health professional either, it can certainly be initiated by yourself. You just need strong motivation, perseverance and a real effort of attention. For lasting effects and to facilitate the relaxation response, do a daily practice of 20 minutes.


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