Therapeutic benefits of Rumex crispus in homeopathy.

Each homeopathic strain has its own origin. It can be animal, vegetable, mineral, chemical or synthetic. However, about 60% comes from the plant kingdom. Like that of Rumex crispus.

Rumex crispus is a herbaceous plant. It belongs to the Polygonaceae family. It is found from June to October in vacant lots, paths, gardens, wasteland and meadows. It can also be found at the edge of rivers and the coast. Rumex crispus can reach up to one meter in height. The mother tincture is obtained from the fresh root of the plant.

There are several forms available for this remedy. There are triturations, doses, suppositories, drinkable ampoules, granules and drops. The majority of these forms are hydro-alcoholic solutions. Like ampoules, drinkable drops and mother tinctures. The doses globules and granules are based on sugars which are lactose and sucrose. But triturations, on the other hand, only contain lactose.

Under what circumstances should it be used?

The main therapeutic indications for this remedy are: itchy hives, laryngitis, colds, and tracheitis. Thus, Rumex crispus is used in case of cold accompanied by runny nose and sneezing. Dripping and sneezing are triggered by the cold draft. In the case of tracheitis and laryngitis, the inspiration of cold air promotes the coughing of those affected.

It is also prescribed for subjects who scratch themselves every time they undress. It is effective if and only if the cause is exposure to cold air.

How to use Rumex crispus correctly in homeopathy?

The homeopathic remedy Rumex crispus is to be taken apart from tobacco, coffee and mint. Its intake is also prohibited during meals. The consumption of doses and granules is very easy. We just let them melt under the tongue. You can also dissolve these forms in a little water. This last indication is reserved for infants. Rumex crispus can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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In case of colds, laryngitis and tracheitis accompanied by troubles, the dosage is as follows. Take 5 granules of 5 CH every 2 hours. As improvements are made, sockets should be spaced out.

5 granules of 5 CH morning and evening for 1 month resolve chronicity. It is necessary to use 5 granules of 7 CH in case of itching when undressing. The catch is made every evening over several months.

There is a real difference between Rumex crispus and Allium cepa. This despite the fact that both are indicated in case of colds. The first is characterized by an aggravation of signs on cold air. It causes sneezing when the subject is outside. While the second is characterized by a cold accompanied by a clear and itchy discharge. It is frequently associated with sneezing. Unlike Rumex crispus, fresh air improves these signs and a warm room intensifies them.


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