Therapeutic benefits of Sticta pulmonaria in homeopathy

Homeopathy is defined as a therapeutic method consisting in giving a substance in infinitesimal doses to the patient. The substance is called a “homeopathic remedy”. These remedies can cause symptoms comparable to those of the patient in a healthy person. Homeopathy is a method that advocates the law of similarity.

Homeopathic medicines have various origins. As mineral, vegetable but also animal.

The homeopathic strain of Sticta pulmonaria comes from lung lichen. Lung lichens occur as leathery, sinuate and lobed lamellae. They are found on the trunks of old trees such as beeches and oaks. They are also present on the rocks in the mountains. The dry thallus harvested in summer is used to prepare the mother tincture.

Lung lichen has expectorant and antibacterial properties. Hence its use in the treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases.

In which case should it be used?

The activity of this remedy targets the mucous membranes of the respiratory tracts hence these indications. The therapeutic indications of Sticta pulmonaria are colds, sinusitis and tracheitis.

the homeopathic remedy Sticta pulmonaria can take many forms. Like suppositories, drinkable ampoules, triturations, doses, drops and granules.

The basic material of the globule and granule doses are lactose and sucrose. The triturations are composed only of lactose. As for the leftovers, they are hydro-alcoholic solutions. To cite ampoules, mother tinctures and drinkable drops.

Thus, this homeopathic remedy is essential during the onset of a coryza or cold. One must even use it before the appearance of therunny nose. It is also similar in the case of sinusitis characterized by heaviness in the forehead.

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The remedy improves situations such as irritation and very little secretion in the throat. These are the manifestations of tracheitis.

How to use Sticta pulmonaria in homeopathy?

It is taken apart from mint, coffee, tobacco but also meals.

As a mode of consumption, the doses and granules are allowed to melt under the tongue. It is a remedy that we can use during pregnancy and lactation.

The dosage for all the listed therapeutic indications are the same. The dilution of Sticta pulmonaria must be 5 CH.

During treatments, take 5 granules every 2 hours. As improvements progress, the intake should be spaced out. The treatment should be maintained for 3 to 4 days.

Combined with other remedies, its effect is even better. It can be associated with Bryonia alba at a dilution of 7 to 9 CH. As a dosage, 5 granules are taken every 4 hours. The intake must then be spaced out with the decrease in symptoms.


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