Therapeutic Benefits of Thymulin in Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method invented in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann. It consists of giving a substance in infinitesimal doses to the patient. These substances are called “homeopathic remedies”. These remedies can cause symptoms in a healthy person comparable to those of the patient. It is a method advocating the law of similarity.

Where do homeopathic strains come from?

They are taken from the three great kingdoms of nature. They are the organic kingdom, the mineral kingdom and the vegetable kingdom. The active substances generally come from there. However, almost 60% of homeopathic remedies come from the plant kingdom. The part used can vary according to the remedies but mostly, the whole plant is used.

How do I get the homeopathic strain Thymulin?

The thymulin is a hormone secreted by the thymus. It is synthetically manufactured to be used in homeopathy. Thymulin plays a vital role in the body’s natural defense mechanism or immunity. Hence its prescription for prevention of winter seasonal infections but also at allergy treatment.

The remedy can take many forms. Like triturations, drops, doses, suppositories, drinkable ampoules and granules.

In which case should this homeopathic remedy be used?

Through its effects on T cells, it plays a role in the body’s immune response. Thus, it is useful in case of nasopharyngitis complicated and viral diseases of childhood. These viral diseases manifest themselves a lot in the wet and cold season.

Thymulin can also treat infectious diseases. Among them, we can cite the case of repeated angina and the onset of flu.

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How to use Thymuline correctly in homeopathy?

To benefit from the benefits of this remedy, there are some instructions to follow.

First, the remedy is taken outside of coffee, mint, tobacco but also meals. As a mode of consumption, the doses and granules are allowed to melt under the tongue. Note that the basic materials of the globule and granule doses are lactose and sucrose. While the triturations only contain lactose, the leftovers are hydroalcoholic solutions. These are drinkable drops, mother tinctures and ampoules.

The dilution of thymulin must be 9 CH. For 1 month, take one dose once a week. Then take 1 to 2 doses per month during the winter. The last is to be taken every 15 days or every once a month.

It is a remedy that can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

However, it must be combined with other remedies. To quote the influenzinum and the oscillococcinum. They are essential supplements to obtain good results.


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