Therapeutic indications of Aethusa cynapium in homeopathy.

Very widespread throughout the world, homeopathy is a much used therapeutic method. The medicines used known as homeopathic remedy are prescribed by doctors in Europe.

Therapeutic remedies are very numerous, thus having multiple origins. Some come from mineral and chemical materials. Strains of animal, vegetable and synthetic origin also exist. But the majority of strains come from the plant kingdom. Mostly, it is the whole plant that is used to make the mother tincture. Nevertheless, in other plants, it is just a small part that is used.

Aethusa cynapium is a plant of the Apiaceae family. It is commonly known as the little hemlock. Lesser hemlock is common in our gardens. An annual plant, it looks a lot like parsley and chervil. The whole plant harvested after flowering is used to make the mother tincture.

There are only two forms available for the Aethusa cynapium remedy. These forms are granules and doses. They are based on lactose and sucrose.

Under what circumstances should this remedy be used?

The main therapeutic indication of this remedy is the infant gastroenteritis. There are several factors that can cause this gastroenteritis. These are milk overfeeding, the South wind syndrome and a Lactose intolerance.

It is also prescribed in behavioral disorders of thevomiting child. The disorders are manifested by incessant nibbling, thus resulting in indigestion. Also, the manifestations can be a disorder of attention or memory.

How to use Aethusa cynapium correctly in homeopathy?

The indications on the mode of consumption are the same for the majority of the remedies used in homeopathy. Thus, it is taken apart from mint, coffee, tobacco and meals. These two existing forms, that is to say the granules and the doses, are left to melt under the tongue. Infants, on the other hand, can dissolve these forms in a little water. Thereby, Aethusa cynapium can be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. It poses no danger to these groups of people.

To treat infant gastroenteritis, take granules with a dilution of 9 CH or 15 CH. It is taken before lunch and dinner. The treatment lasts about 2 months. However, it is imperative to monitor the weight of the child daily. What’s more, we must make him drink water regularly. A rehydration solution may also do the trick.

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A dilution of 15 CH is used to treat behavioral disorders in vomiting children. It is taken three times a week for 3 months.


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