Therapeutic indications of Calcarea carbonica ostrearum

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method. She uses various remedies to cure ailments. These remedies used in homeopathy have very diverse origins. As animal, mineral, chemical or vegetable. But it is the plant kingdom that produces more of the homeopathic strain. The remedy Calcarea carbonica ostrearum corresponds to oyster limestone. It has a characteristic smell. It is a white powder which is essentially composed of calcium carbonate. Oyster limestone was taken from the middle layer of the oyster shell. It is obtained after having removed the mother-of-pearl.

The two existing forms for this Calcarea carbonica ostrearum remedy are doses and granules. They are both based on lactose and sucrose.

Under what circumstances should we use the remedy Calcarea carbonica ostrearum?

It is a remedy indicated in the calcium metabolism disorders. Disorders that cause delays and deformities of the skeleton. These abnormalities are seen in people who have abnormal calcifications and heavy bones.

It can also be used in case ofobesity. These are overweight people with an uncontrollable appetite. It is also suitable for overfed infants. These infants have cradle cap on the scalp. They also present with diarrhea and vomiting.

The cure soothes fatigue and permanent weakness. Like a sudden attack of fatigue after an intellectual or physical activity.

He heals the psychic problem slow and passivity. The problems manifest as delayed acquisition in infants.

How is the remedy Calcarea carbonica ostrearum correctly used in homeopathy?

In case of skeletal deformity or abnormal calcification, take the remedy in 9 CH. The catches will be morning and evening during the troubles. The dosage is similar when treating obesity.

If it is a field treatment, it must be taken in a high dilution dose. That is to say a dilution of between 15 and 30 CH depending on the degree of similarity. Pickups will be made every Sunday. It is a long-term treatment which corresponds to corpulent patients who are very tired and slow in character.

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The homeopathic remedy Calcarea carbonica ostrearum is taken without any food intake. It is also not taken with products that contain mint or tobacco. As consumption, the two forms, that is to say the doses and the granules are to be left to melt under the tongue. This remedy can be used during pregnancy and lactation. But we must avoid all preparations that contain alcohol even if the content is low.

Before using it for solve the acquisition delay problem, it is advisable to speak about it with a doctor. This will make it possible to remove all other pathologies.


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