Therapeutic indications of Colocynthis in homeopathy.

The homeopathic remedy Colocynthis is prepared from the plant called gourd. It is a Mediterranean herb. The gourd is a creeping plant thanks to these tendrils. It has hairy leaves, yellow flowers evolving into small berries. The berries have yellow-orange, green or variegated colors. It is a plant of the Cucurbitaceae family.

To make homeopathic medicines, the pulp of the dried fruit is used. The two existing forms for this remedy are doses and granules. 5 granules of one of these forms provide 0.21 g of sucrose. While a dose provides 0.85 g of sucrose. The granules and doses also contain lactose.

The strain of Colocynthis is included in list II of poisonous substances. This means that the first exempt dilution, that is to say delivered without a prescription, is 1 CH. Exemption which varies according to the galenic form.

In which cases should Colocynthis be used?

It is a remedy specifically used in case of violent spasmodic or cramping pains. These bending pains can be improved by applying strong pressure to the painful area. Bending and heat also improve them. Thus, Colocynthis is useful in case of colic and neuralgia.

These other therapeutic indications are:

  • angina
  • cystitis urinary tract infection
  • pharyngitis
  • gingivitis
  • stomatitis

How should it be used to take advantage of the positive effects in homeopathy?

Recommended dose:

For treat hepatic colic, nephritic or dysmenorrhea, take 5 granules. The intake should be repeated every half hour. Taken that must then be spaced out according to the improvement of the symptoms. The dilution to use varies according to the degree of similarity. An average dilution is between 7 and 9 CH. As for a high dilution, it is equivalent to 15 CH.

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This remedy can be associated with Magnesia phosphorica to reinforce its action in case of chronic colic. Magnesia phosphorica is its therapeutic equivalent in this disease.

15 CH before each feeding can soothe infant colic. The number of intakes varies depending on the severity of the cases. But it must be reduced as improvements are observed.

5 granules of 15 to 30 CH 6 times a day treat neuralgia.

Manual :

Colocynthis is to be taken apart from meals, mint and tobacco. The forms are to let melt under the tongue, that is to say the doses and the granules. As for infants, they can dissolve them in a little water for about 10 minutes. This remedy can be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding. But preparations containing alcohol, even at low levels, should be avoided. After a few days, if improvements are not observed, the consultation of a doctor is necessary.


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