Therapeutic indications of Cuprum metallicum in homeopathy

The Cuprum metallicum homeopathic strain is obtained from metallic copper. Metallic copper is a malleable metal and reddish in color. It is practically insoluble in water and in alcohol.

It has been widely used in the alloy industry for making various household items. As well as in agriculture because of its anticryptogamic, antiparasitic and insecticidal properties.

This remedy was one of the drugs successfully used in the treatment of cholera. During the epidemics of the 19th century, it contributed to the decrease in mortality. Only two forms exist for this remedy: doses and granules. They are both based on lactose and sucrose.

Under what circumstances should this remedy Cuprum metallicum be used?

The main therapeutic indications for cuprum metallicum remedy are gout, diarrhea, cough and spasmophilia. There is also abdominal pain and hiccups.

Thus, it is used in case of digestive disorders manifested by very watery diarrhea. Diarrhea is accompanied by strong intestinal spasms and intense abdominal pain. Pains resulting from violent intestinal contractions. Infant colic is often accompanied by hiccups.

It is useful in case of hacking cough and bronchospasm resulting in difficulty breathing. Bronchospasm is a contraction due to a spasm of the muscles in the wall of the bronchi.

He calms the fits of spasmophilia accompanied by violent convulsions. The seizures are accompanied by the fold of the thumb towards the inside of the palms. But it also soothes facial spasm and painful facial tics.

It also cures calf cramps. These cramps occur at night. They mainly affect the elderly.

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How is the remedy Cuprum metallicum correctly used in homeopathy?

The remedy Cuprum metallicum is taken apart from meals, tobacco, coffee and mint.

The doses and granules are allowed to melt under the tongue.

Take 5 granules of 9 CH in the very watery diarrhea with intense intestinal spasms. Catches will be made after each stool until back to normal.

5 pellets of 9 CH every 15 minutes treat hiccups and abdominal colic. Takes should be progressively spaced out as the subject’s condition improves. In infants, take 5 granules of 9 CH before each feeding.

5 pellets of 7 or 9 CH calm the respiratory disorders caused by spasms. The sockets will be made at the time of the spasms. In the attacks of spasmophilia, take 5 granules of 15 CH per day. We must repeat the catch at the time of the crises.

The calf cramps essentially nocturnal are treated with 5 granules of 7 CH for 3 months. Catches will be taken at bedtime.

After 48 hours of taking the remedy, if there is no improvement, a doctor should be consulted.


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