Therapeutic indications of Natrum sulfuricum in homeopathy

The strains used as homeopathic remedies have multiple origins. They are mainly obtained from the vegetable kingdom, more precisely from plants. But there are also strains of animal origin. As well as strains of mineral or chemical origins. They can also be produced synthetically. Natrum sulfuricum is a remedy of chemical origin. Its strain is obtained from anhydrous sodium sulfate. Anhydrous sodium sulfate is a white powder. It is very soluble in water and other solvents. It is also used in the manufacture of cardboard and paper.

The existing forms for the Natrum sulfuricum are very numerous. Most existing forms for homeopathic remedies are available. Like granules, doses, drops, drinkable ampoules, triturations and suppositories.

Under what circumstances should it be used?

The main therapeutic indications for this remedy are: migraine headaches, joint pain and eczema. These other main indications are flatulence, rheumatism, colds and warts. Thus, Natrum sulfuricum is used in enterocolitis caused and aggravated by damp cold. He heals the bronchial disorders and the cold with phlegm caused and aggravated by dampness.

This remedy calms the intense joint stiffness. Joint stiffness is greater with humidity but decreases with movement. It also soothes rheumatic pains which occur especially during the winter.

It is useful in case of headaches occurring after general anesthesia. Natrum sulfuricum treats warts and eczema mainly located on the palm of the hand.

How to correctly use the homeopathic remedy Natrum sulfuricum in homeopathy?

The remedy Natrum sulfuricum is taken apart from tobacco, coffee, meals and mint. On the consumptions, they are similar to the indications of the other homeopathic remedies. Thus, the granules and the doses are left to melt under the tongue. You can use the homeopathic strain of Natrum sulfuricum during pregnancy and lactation.

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In the enterocolitis, take 5 granules of 9 CH morning and evening for 3 months. 5 granules of 15 CH to be taken per day treat colds, bronchitis and bronchopneumopathy. The course of treatment is 10 days. In case of frequent recurrence, one must take 1 dose of 15 CH per week as prevention. The catch will be made throughout the wet season.

Articular stiffness is treated with 5 granules of 9 CH. The catches will be made every evening for 3 months. 1 dose of 9 or 15 CH soothes the rheumatic pains. Catches will be made once a week during the winter season.

In case of eczema and warts, take 5 granules of 30 CH morning and evening for 3 months. To treat headaches, take 5 granules of 15 CH for 3 months. At each painful moment, we must renew the grip.


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