Therapeutic indications of Zincum metallicum in homeopathy

The many homeopathic strains are all different either by their virtues or by their origin. Some may have different origins but have common therapeutic virtues. Others are unique in their genres, whether in their origin or in their virtues. But we can still classify them into two: general action remedies and limited action remedies. General action remedies have very broad fields of action, unlike limited action remedies.

The homeopathic remedy Zincum metallicum is made from zinc. It is a solid metal. Its color is silvery white with bluish reflections. This metal is abundant in nature. It also exists in the human body but in trace amounts. It is an essential element for growth.

The two existing forms of the homeopathic remedy Zincum metallicum are doses and granules. These existing forms are based on lactose and sucrose.

Under what circumstances should the remedy Zincum metallicum be used?

This homeopathic remedy has a very limited field of action. These therapeutic indications are only behavioral disorders and gynecological disorders.

Indications in behavioral disorders:

Zincum mettalicum is useful for solving school difficulties and intellectual overwork accompanied by memory problems. It also treats behavioral disorders such as restlessness of the lower limbs. Also, it is effective in case ofalcohol intolerance or wine. It is the remedy that fights the insomnia of anxious people with restless leg syndrome.

Indications in gynecological disorders:

This homeopathic remedy improves the premenstrual syndrome. Disorders of veno-lymphatic circulation and pain accompany this syndrome. Also, it treats the dysmenorrhea with premenstrual pain. When menstruation comes, there is an improvement in these pains.

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The action of this remedy is very fast on visible tremors with chattering teeth.

How to correctly use the remedy Zincum metallicum in homeopathy?

the Zincum metallicum remedy is taken apart from tobacco, coffee, meals but also mint. The two available forms are allowed to melt under the tongue. These are the granules and the doses. It can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

To treat school difficulties, take 5 granules at bedtime. The 15 CH dilution is used. In case of’anxious insomnia, take 5 pellets of 9 CH. As for the catches, they will be done in the morning and in the evening.

5 granules of a dilution of 7 CH solve the problems of premenstrual syndromes. The doses should be taken 1 to 3 times a day from the onset of symptoms. They will not stop until the pain is over.


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