These 6 body signals that should alert you

Whether in the animal kingdom, in computing or in other fields, the presence of a threat or a danger is communicated by an alarm signal in order to attract attention or remediate. This mechanism is a general norm and is also found in our human body. These different “noises” must be carefully listened to because they can signal countless problems, similar or independent of each other.

These signals are often overlooked because they can be transient and random, but they can also hide real serious problems such as cancers or organ dysfunction. Unfortunately, this awareness comes late, where it becomes difficult to remedy the badly installed, here are the 6 body noises that should alert you:

  • Acute fatigue: Can mean several things: Burnout, depression, poor assimilation of food, poor sleep, chronic illnesses, tumours, it can accompany almost any health disorder.
  • Chest pain: Can be synonymous with cardiovascular problems, anxiety, respiratory problems, excess cholesterol.
  • Temperature variations: Whether rising or falling, they generally accompany viruses, acidosis while being punctuated by chills or excessive sweating, but can also occur following an advanced disease.
  • Continuous migraine: It can be caused by a food deficit, vision problems, brain problems, after-effects of a blow received in the head, overwork, lack of sleep, too intensive intellectual efforts.
  • Hormonal disorders: Generally caused by failure of the hormonal glands, also by sudden metabolic changes, intrusion of an organism or foreign product in the body, sudden emotional shock.
  • Food problems: Lack of appetite, poor assimilation, indigestion and so on, the concerns related to food are numerous and can mean a state of stress and increased body fatigue, an imbalance of the intestinal or gastric flora.
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The disorders mentioned above are far from being the only possible problems, they can also be a combination of several of them.

There are many other illnesses that can be linked to these signals, which is why it is important not to neglect yourself and to always listen to your body by making diagnoses, or even several if necessary, because some examinations follow the wrong trail and do not find the present problem, thus misleading patients and doctors.

Your health is your most important asset, preserve it as best as possible.

* At press health we strive to transmit medical knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace medical advice. []

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