These foods that block the development of cancer (angiogenesis)

This important question is currently the subject of intense research by scientists interested in the role of diet in cancer prevention.

Foods containing large quantities of molecules blocking angiogenesis undoubtedly represent one of the main means available to us to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Angiogenesis: an essential mechanism for cancer to grow

Despite their very aggressive nature, tumors are in fact obligate parasites that cannot manage to grow sufficiently without the participation of the organ in which they are found. In fact, as soon as the tumors reach a size of about 1 mm3, oxygen and nutrient molecules can no longer adequately nourish the cancer cells, which at the same time leads to their death and the cessation of the development of the tumor. tumor.

To circumvent this obstacle, the tumor must therefore absolutely cause the formation of new blood vessels which will transport the elements essential to its growth.

To achieve this, the tumor produces chemical signals that irresistibly attract cells from nearby blood vessels to it, forcing them to reproduce rapidly to form a new network of blood vessels that will adequately nourish cancer cells.

This phenomenon of formation of new blood vessels, called angiogenesis (from the Greek angio, which means vessel, and genesis, which means birth, formation), therefore represents an essential step in the development of small harmless tumors into destructive cancers.

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Cancer or crab: a word with the same origin

This formation of new vessels is so important for the development of cancer that it is very common to see a very large number of blood vessels in tumor samples. It was the observation of this abundance of blood vessels that led the first Greek doctors to compare the appearance of these tumors to that of a crab, a comparison at the origin of the word cancer, still used today. ‘hui (crab is called cancer in Latin).

Certain foods block angiogenesis

Given that tumors are very dependent on their energy supply, blocking these new blood vessels represents a weapon of choice to prevent them from acquiring the strength necessary for their growth and thus keep them in a dormant state. In other words, we control the growth of tumors by imposing a very strict diet on them!

green tea

This prevention of cancer by blocking angiogenesis is not a myth; it already exists… on our plate. Indeed, several fruits and vegetables that we consume constitute privileged sources of molecules acting specifically on these vessels by blocking their formation. The daily absorption of these foods rich in molecules blocking angiogenesis therefore creates an environment hostile to microtumors by constantly bombarding the new blood vessels seeking to develop, thereby preventing tumors from acquiring the necessary strength to continue their growth. in body tissues.

Foods to Eat to Block Angiogenesis

Foods containing large quantities of molecules blocking angiogenesis undoubtedly represent one of the main means available to us to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

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Fruits and vegetables

Grapes and red berries

Foods rich in omega-3

  • Linseed
  • Oily fish
  • Colza oil

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